Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guest Blog: Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell

Spooky Excerpt

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re going to give you all an excerpt from the next book in the series after Blood Howl. Blood in the Sand takes on a decidedly darker tone, and this time around we’re revealing a lot more of the world that we set up and hinted at in the first book.

It's totally PG rated and it's under the cut!

Ducking into a side alley, David followed a tendril of a scent. It wasn’t living blood, not any longer. That spice was gone, leaving it flat and quickly cooling. It was the scent of spilled blood, of the aftermath of feeding. He knew it far too well. Blocks passed quickly, David moving as a ghost among the crowds until even they trickled away, until all that was left was the aging night and the faint smell of death.

It was a young girl. It so often was. Her head was bent to the side and her eyes started up at him, accusing, milky and dull. David knelt beside her, smoothing a shaking hand over tight curls that seemed more alive than the body that had been cast aside like so much garbage. The bite marks in her neck were savage, the lack of precision to them making it look like a wild animal had attacked her rather than a vampire. Her killer—or killers—hadn’t been concerned about neatness. Gently, David closed her eyes and stood again, expression impassive as he brushed dirt from his pants. There was nothing else he could do for her. She’d been a snack, easily taken and just as easily discarded.

It also meant he was looking in the right place. Messy vampires, to leave trash at their door. David looked around, eyes narrowed in thought. Bracing himself, he jumped straight up, grabbing hold of an overhang and hoisting himself upwards. This area of the city was rundown, worn out, and not all the kind of place he’d expected to wind up in while searching for the suspect. Even the second story overhang creaked dangerously underneath his feet, rusted pipes groaning as they held his weight.

Keeping to the side of the window, David peered inside. The outside of the building might be close to crumbling—the inside, however, was a different story. Plush carpet lined the floor, opulent furnishings and tasteful decorations. Even the chairs had carved scroll-work armrests, paintings that looked like seventeenth century originals hung on the walls.

The men and women that were lounging around fit very neatly into their surroundings; expensive suits and rich dresses, wine glasses held easily in their hands. Except they weren’t sipping champagne. No wine gleamed so darkly, and smelled so rich.

Oh, yes. He was definitely in the right spot.

- - -

About the Authors: Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell live in the Midwest with their two cats, Starsky and Hutch. Their first book, Blood Howl, is available for sale at Dreamspinner Press. They can be found at their blog and on Facebook.

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Jean P said...

Great excerpt, I am really intrigued by this story, off to check out your first book Blood Howl

skpetal AT hotmail DOT com

Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell said...

Thank you, Jean! That's awesome to hear. :) We're loving getting to talk to people about it, that's got to be my favorite part of this whole party.


Beatrice said...

Hi guys! I'm currently reading Blood Howl - I just finished the part where Jed and Red got attacked after playing basketball in the gym. I'm really enjoying it so far! Is the sequel going to be about a different couple?

beatrice.g.tan [at] gmail [dot] com

Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell said...

Hello Beatrice!

Totally stoked that you're enjoying it so far. :) That's always fun to hear.

Blood Howl is the first book in a series. All of the books are going to have Jed and Redford in them, but each one will also take them further and further into the world they're discovering. So while Jed and Redford definitely will keep showing up and taking the reader along with them, there's going to be other couples and characters coming alongside them as well as the overarching story develops.

Na said...

I like your writing a lot. I get chills from some of the images you have evoked but I like that.

lor said...

yay David! loved Blood Howl and looking forward to the rest :)

Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell said...

Thank you so much, Na! :D That's really awesome to hear.

And lor, you rock, thank you! Yes, David is too awesome to be contained merely by one book. :p

Anonymous said...

I can picture every moment, this is so richly descriptive. Excellent. And it perfectly sets the stage for the avengers motives. Great excerpt.

Lee Brazil said...

Nice excerpt !

Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell said...

Lee and Carnation, thank you so much! Glad you could stop by. :D

Laura said...

Love this Robin and Alex! I can't wait for the next book in the series...

Laura Harner