Saturday, October 29, 2011

A little late with apologies

My apologies for my late arrival...I was blindsided last night by a bit of a stomach bug.  But I'm upright and not moaning so much anymore (just the occasional one) and I wanted to be part of this fun event and to let everyone know about my latest work, Gambler's Moon, available now from The Wild Rose Press (  This is the first novel I've written that I've set in my home state of New Mexico and that made my research fun.  I drive through Cuba all the time on my way to Albuquerque so it was interesting to stop and have a longer look around.  So please enjoy Gates and Ava as they work their way to ending their years long feud and beginning the romance that's always sizzled between them.
Excerpt from Gambler's Moon:
     “Explain that.” She pointed to the metal on the
     “Excuse me?”
     “I want you to tell me where it came from. Who
put it on my doorstep.”
     Gates held up the trap. “You think this came
from me? What, you think it’s some kind of vampire
love note? I’m pushing a hundred years old, Ava, old
enough to know there are a hell of a lot better ways
to let a woman know you’re interested than the ones
kindergartners use.”
     “I’m not saying you did or didn’t put it there
     Gates arched a brow at her. “You didn’t? Seems
to me it was implied in everything you did say.
Here’s one answer for you, Ava. When I give
presents, I do it in person. Especially when it
involves a woman.”
     “Yeah, I’ll bet.”
     “I’d be happy to take that bet, Ava. Anytime you
want me to deliver just say the word.”
     “No thanks,” she snarled. “And I told you I
wasn’t saying—”
     “Just what are you saying, Ava?” He slammed
the trap down on the desk, wincing at the dent it left
in the wood. Just one more piece of furniture he’d
have to replace. Growling, he stepped toward her.
She lifted her chin and refused to budge. 
     “I can’t help it that you jump to conclusions so back off,
McHenry. Wouldn’t think you’d be so touchy considering.”
     “Considering what, Ava?” He laced the threat
with danger.
     “Considering what you are.”
     She didn’t back down, and Gates had to admire
her for it.
     “I mean, it’s not like you aren’t acquainted with
being seen as a killer. That’s what your kind does to
survive, and we both know that so stop pretending
like it’s so absurd.”
     “Then you don’t know much because I haven’t
killed for food in a very long time.”
     Anger surged through the soft spoken words.
She put out her hands and pushed at his chest,
surprised when he obliged her and took a step back.
     “Okay, then I don’t know much.” She sank down
into the chair. “And that’s exactly why I came here
tonight, why I walked through the door of your
precious bar and why I made a scene out there.”
     “Maybe I’ll give you the courtesy of taking you at
your word, Ava. Maybe I’ll pretend to believe you
didn’t come here tonight to start trouble, to accuse
me of something you should damn well know by now
I wouldn’t do.”
     “McHenry, I—”
     Gates glared at her. “Enough word play, Ava. If
you don’t think I’m spending my nights making
threatening tokens of love to leave on your porch
then what the hell are you doing here? And see if
you can spell it out clearly this time because I’m
running out of patience.”

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Hope you get well soon. At least it's the weekend and if you're not working you can rest and party here a bit :)