Saturday, October 29, 2011

Paranormal Romance: Danube in Candlelight, werewolf romance

Here's a scary/spinetingling excerpt from my upcoming paranormal/werewolf romance, Danube in Candlelight which is avail 1 NOV from Desert Breeze Publishing.

5 Stars, Reader's Favorite:
This story is the closest I have ever come to reading a book that feels like a movie!

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Zoltan stood in the middle of a patch of red roses. His eyes were closed, and he breathed deeply. Should she approach him? He furrowed his brow, fisted one of his hands, and brought it up to his chin. Her heart went out to him.


His eyes snapped open. "Morgan? You shouldn't have followed me. Go away."

"You look awful. Can I help?"

He glanced at the moon and raked a hand through his hair. "I can't manage anymore. I must leave. Now."

"Then let's do so with dignity. Take my hand, and we'll walk back in there and leave through the front door."

His expression betrayed his struggle.

"I don't think I can. Even now I feel the tug of the moon. Its wicked light is draining the rest of my strength."

Morgan pursed her lips, knowing he had grown progressively weaker throughout the evening. Still, she offered him her hand. She wanted him to know she trusted him.

"Be strong just a little bit longer."

His eyes darkened dangerously. A look of warning crossed his features, but she ignored it. She could handle this. Her father could. Why couldn't he?

"Take my hand, Zoltan."

With a suddenness she didn't expect, he lunged for her hand, pushing it against the roses. The thorns on the rose stem pricked her flesh, making her bleed.

"Oh!" She brought her hand to her chest, but Zoltan pounced on her and grabbed her wrist. For a moment he studied her intently, then he opened his mouth. Long, white, pristine incisors hung past his lower lip.

Morgan's heart spiked with fear. He couldn't handle this. By God, the man was gone and had been replaced with a beast.
"Let me go, Zoltan."

He refused, pulling her hand toward him. She tried to tug it free, but he was incredibly strong. She couldn't break his grasp.
He brought her blood-stained hand to his nose and took a long breath.

"Sweet and coppery..." he said, his voice dropping to a husky whisper as he let the words trail away.

"Zoltan, let me go." Fear and panic laced her voice.

He flicked out his tongue and licked the blood off her hand. She tried to pull away. Instead of letting her go, he jerked her toward him, wrapped his powerful arm around her waist, and continued to lap up her blood. His sharp incisors brushed her hand. Fear thrummed through her veins. She couldn't break his hold. A glance at his eyes revealed all common sense had left him. Venom dripped off his elongated teeth.

"No, Zoltan, no..."

His teeth sliced into her flesh at the wrist. Her head spun. She pushed feebly against his chest and grew weak in his grip.

The pleasure was heady -- like that of a narcotic. Zoltan became one with her, his heart beating in time with hers. His life in Miskolc before the war came to life inside her head. She experienced his heartbreak and sadness, becoming one with him as she experienced his turning.

"No more killing. I won't kill again, ever. I swear it."

"Zoltan..." Her life force ebbed.

"Forgive me, Morgan."

He had satisfied his need to take, and her narcotic high drained away. She must take now if she wanted to live.

He offered her his wrist.

"Bite me. Take from me so you will live."

Morgan snapped her mouth open and sank her teeth into his flesh. The high returned, and she greedily took from him. In the back of her mind a man shouted her name, but she couldn't pull her attention away from Zoltan, or she would die.







Jean P said...

What a great excerpt, thanks for posting it, though wondering now what is going to happen next.

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Na said...

It's scary but I like how Morgan holds on. She's scared but looking past it to help him.

StephB said...

Jean, it does leave you on edge doesn't it?

Na, I agree - Morgan hangs in there, but at what cost?


Anonymous said...

Very good dialog. I like Morgan, but because you just have to empethize with their dilemma. Very effective!