Sunday, October 2, 2011

Call it what it is... GAY FICTION Contest

Greetings fans, this would be Michael Mandrake presenting you with another post at Goddess Fish. Today I’d like to talk about something that came up on a recent radio I did with Blak Rayne, Patricia Logan, Sammy Jo Hunt, Andrew Grey, TreSa Sioux and of course, hostess Cassandre Dayne. We talked about the problem that we discuss quite regularly in the genre. The need to give gay fiction its own category.

You ask, what does that mean? Well, with some publishers, gay fiction regardless of whether it’s erotic or not falls under erotica. Not only does that do a disservice to the author but also to the reader who is looking for some hot sex and plat and instead, they don’t get that.

Why is it important?

Well, it’s beneficial not only to the author and reader but in my opinion, the publisher! You have customers coming to your site, looking for a gay fiction book. One with not a lot of sex but maybe one. They’re looking for a particular story, maybe a sci fi or a contemporary. Why is it you’ve clumped all gay content into erotica. NOT FAIR to anyone.

I don’t have figures t support this but, I would think a disgruntled customer means lost sales. You have done your gay fiction writers a disservice because now that reader feels they cannot come to your website to find good gay fiction.

What would be so hard to say GLBT? Or if you must, the fluffy names of m/m and f/f which means there is gay content or lesbian stories involved but if there’s not much sex, it doesn’t get lost in the erotica section.

Now, I speak not for myself really because all of my content is erotic but there may come a day where I want to venture into that realm of only writing a story with no sex but hints at it or a “closed door” scene just to get a point across. How come these have to be thrown in the erotica bin because it’s two men in a relationship?

In the world of art which includes writing, I’d expect for the publishers, especially e-pubs to be more accepting and open to calling gay fiction what it is. After all, “New York” (the term used for big publishers) doesn’t think that authors who’ve been e-pubbed or the e’s themselves actually count. So, we are the rebels against the majority, doing things different from the accepted norm. Why not take that next step? Give your readers and authors a clear view of the genre in which they read and write. Call it gay fiction. Give it its own category.

I’m sure it will be beneficial to all involved.

I’d like to thank GFParty Pavillion for having me here today. Please leave me a comment on your thoughts as well as an email and I’ll be glad to give away a copy of A Second Chance as well as the anthology I’m in from XOXO.

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My mind was racing while my palms went moist. As in Jake, who just turned down millions to wait until June, Jake?
 “Um, hi. How did you know where I worked?” I asked.
 “Your friend Alex is good friends with my gal pal Lori so…”
 Trying to keep it professional, I said, “Okay, Jake, what’s the reason for your call?”
 “Hmm, well you did read the message right?”
 “Yeah I did, what does that mean?” I twirled a pen around my fingers while leaning back in my chair.
 “Well, in all the time that we went to Tulsa and OK State together, we never actually met. It’s a shame too, Robert, because we lost so much time dude. We both had to keep ourselves closeted though, so…” he answered.
 “Wait, Jake, you said we had to…” I moved forward to keep from falling.
 “Robert, don’t play dumb with me. You were aware that I was gay. Remember, Lori told Alex that…”
 “Yeah but I didn’t believe it because…” I threw the pen on the desk.
 “I know, because I play straight real well. Here’s a scoop for you Robert; I’m gay and always have been. Of course, if you print it, I will deny it. I need to play baseball at least ten years before I open that beautiful rainbow coloured door. Then again, if people stop acting like assholes and accept us for what we are, it might be sooner.”
 Listening to Jake talk about his sexual orientation took me back in time. If only I had pursued him, if only I’d been less shy, if…
 “Robert, you still there?” he chuckled.
 “Yeah, I’m sorry Jake. Anyway, you were saying?” My pulse throbbed. The man I had a crush on for years was calling me.
 “That’s okay Robert. Listen, I’m coming through Chicago to meet the team. They’re trying to get a deal together to draft me. I want to see you Robert. I…I have to see you.”


Jen B. said...

It really irkes me that all gay fiction is tagged as erotic. You are right that if a reader purchases a book marked erotic is should be erotic!

Michael said...

TY Jen.

It irks me too. I wish all publishers would start taking notice and just call it what it is!


Chrisbails said...

This is a new genre for me, but love to read and always looking for new books and authors to read.

June M. said...

I think it is crazy to lump all gay fiction into erotica. That is just stupid!
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

daydrmzzz said...

I so agree with everyone just cause it's m/m or f/f doesn't mean its erotic come on people sometimes it's just romance.

Michael said...

TY for all the great comments!