Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thea From Destiny Redeemed

Hi everyone!  Gabrielle has asked me to come introduce myself, and I'm thrilled to be here at the October Release Party.  My name is Thea Forester, and Destiny Redeemed is the story of how Amon and I fell in love. That's our picture over there.  Isn't he delicious?  I just wish he'd let the world see him smile a bit more like he does when we're alone. He was here earlier, and if you haven't read his post, go check it out.  Amon is my destined one, the man destiny has chosen for me.  As Aeveren, we are drawn to one another across distance and time, so in our remaining lifetimes, we will once again find one another like we did in this one. 

In addition to being Amon's destined one, I'm also an Aeveren healer.  When my people are hurt, I'm someone who they call to heal them.  I was born with my power in my first lifetime in Etruscan Rome many lifetimes ago, so I'm quite unique among Aeveren. 

Being a healer has meant being alone for many lifetimes because we don't usually get the chance to have destined ones.  Our duty to our people is considered more important than our personal happiness.  For forty-five lifetimes, I didn't have a destined one.  That doesn't mean I didn't fall in love and have all sorts of other fun with men, but it was different than my fellow Aeveren.  While each of them found someone they were meant to be with in lifetime after lifetime, I was alone and knew I probably would be for every lifetime in my future. 

That all changed with Amon.  The moment I met him I knew destiny had finally sent me someone for my own. To say we're opposites would be an understatement, though.  He's quite tall at 6"6, while I'm almost a foot shorter.  The power to heal is my only Aeveren ability, but he's got powers like no other Aeveren I've ever heard of.  I'm nice by nature, probably because I'm a healer, but not Amon.  Other than with me and Gethen, his Sidhe friend, Amon tends to be quite...let's say most of the world doesn't get to see the sweetness I see. 

We went through some difficult times before we could be together. The Aeveren Council rules much of what we Aeveren do, and the rebel group, the Soren, is always lurking on the edges of our world.  Neither of them wanted to see us together.  But destiny is a difficult force to overcome, and we finally found happiness with each other. 

Thanks to Gabrielle and everyone here for letting me tell you a little about myself.  For more about us and our story, Destiny Redeemed, go to and and look for the release of Destiny Redeemed on October 13! And for a chance to win a copy of our book, just leave a comment! 


Na said...

Thea seems so sweet and I can see her as a healer. These two are destined it seems. I like that she can make him smile when he's not one who usually does. It would make any woman feel special.

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Gabrielle said...

After all Amon has done, he needed someone to heal him. She's sweet, but I made her tough enough to handle the things that come their way. :)

June M. said...

I love character posts because you learn more about them.
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daydrmzzz said...

Thea I'm so happy for you and Gisselle I love character interviews ;)

Linda said...

I do so like stories where the heroine has a strong power/talent and most especially healing!