Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Favorite Vampires

For my last post, I thought I'd talk about the second most popular Halloween character. The vampire. I'd say the witch is number one, but I didn't really want to look at witches. I wanted to look at hot (for the most part) guys that are vampires.

See what you think of my choices and feel free to add your own. This is just my top three. I'm always willing to consider additional vampires. You can never have enough vampires. Now on to the list.

I start with my crit partner's favorite vampire. Does he do it for me? Meh. Too pale and there's things he's done I wasn't impressed by. Still, he's good looking. You want his arms wrapped around you, even if there's a good chance he'll use those fangs. He looks sullen, yet you want to help him. Talk about a great way to pick up chicks. "I brood, therefore, I am." It works, doesn't it? I'm pretty sure he'd not be in the sunshine but hey, it makes a great picture.

This one's great because it's classic. This is how I grew up seeing vampires. They said, 'bluh, I'm going to suck your blood, bluh" and walked around with a cape. He looks dangerous and sexy in a father figure sort of way. You don't want to trust him or turn your back on him, but somehow you want to be around him.

I think this is my favorite image of Dracula. He's just And isn't that part of the story and the whole biting aspect? Being turned on by the bite? By the charismatic man you just can't look away from? Maybe its the long limbs, the reckless look in his eyes or his devil-may-care posture, but I can't look away.

Now let me know what you think. I'll be here all night and can't wait to see your thoughts.

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Na said...

I haven't seen that picture of Dracula but he does look dashing. Beats the pale pasty look. Vampires are my fav creatures but witches come in close.

Lucy Felthouse said...

Gotta love Eric Northman :) Not forgetting Damon Salvatore, of course.

And the game you got a screen capture of is pretty good too, if you're into computer games!