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Writing From a Male Point of View

People always ask, why write MM stories. It never occurred to me that there was anything strange about writing MM fiction. My first paranormal novels were written from two Point Of Views, male and female, and I discovered I enjoyed writing from the man's POV - maybe because I've always had a lot of male friends. I spent twenty-six years working in a construction office with men and I made a lot of lasting friendships.
When I went back to my writing, it didn't feel like a stretch to write from their perspective. In fact, Point of Beginning, book #1 of the Gentlemen's Club, takes place in an office much like the one I worked in. Leave a comment for a chance to  win a copy or your choice of ebook from my backlist.
Jack Monroe is bi-curious but after he falls for a certain curly-haired surveyor, he’s ready to admit he’s gay. Too bad Alex James is straight and has a girlfriend who keeps him on a short leash.

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Surrounded by the intoxicating scent of sweat, testosterone, and Old Spice; Jack threw a clean towel on the bench and planted his bare ass on top of it.
The gym had gone downhill since his last visit. Half-empty water bottles, wet towels, and funky drawers were lying everywhere. It looked more like the locker room at the YMCA than an expensive fitness club. If he hadn't let his membership lapse, he'd complain to the management and suggest they bring in a biohazard cleanup team.
It had been a mistake to accept Kyle's free pass and come tonight. He would take a minute to rest, grab a shower, and get out ASAP.
How did Kyle and Alex do it? They were still out there doing leg presses while he tried to catch his breath in the locker room. Of course, his coworkers didn't sit in front of a computer all day like he did.
"Good workout?"
The locker room appeared to be empty. Startled, he looked over his shoulder and came face to groin with a forest of gray pubic hair.
A big empty room and this old geezer has to take off his skivvies right in my face.
Putting a lid on his quick temper, he looked up and answered curtly. "Yeah."
Shit. It was the lurker, the lone wolf who'd been following him around the gym and ogling him. Every time he looked in the mirror he saw this creep leering back in the reflection.
Whatever happened to personal space? He despised locker rooms. They always brought back bad memories of the awkwardness and anxiety of puberty. He'd been a late bloomer and the inevitable comparing of body parts, followed by towel snapping and ridicule, was forever etched on his brain.
His package had developed late but large and naked-stalker guy was checking it out. It wouldn't surprise him if the man pulled out a cell phone and snapped his picture.
He could end up on the internet. Someone might get the wrong idea about him. Mentioning his fears to Kyle had been a big mistake. His coworker called him an uptight asshole. Some friend. The man was a prick, a player who saw himself as God's gift to women. He'd probably welcome the attention if someone posted a picture of his junk on the internet. He might even do it himself.
Not long after that, he let his membership lapse and he bought his own exercise equipment. His two bedroom condo was more like one bedroom and a den, but the smaller room now housed a weight bench and a treadmill with no problem. He preferred to exercise in the privacy of his own home and he sure didn't miss Kyle's lewd and crude comments. He should have stayed home tonight.
When the free passes had been waved under his nose he hadn't been tempted at all. At the risk of being called antisocial, he'd been on the verge of saying no thanks. Then Alex was called over.
"Hey Stud," Kyle had yelled across the room.
He had cringed but Alex had waved good-naturedly and walked over. The butterflies in his stomach migrated to his chest.
Alexander James made his heart race the way no woman ever had. The man was hot and, to Jack's chagrin, inspired some seriously wet dreams. His hands itched to roam through those dark unruly curls, on his head and other places.
The curly-haired Adonis had greeted Kyle, and then turned to him. "Jackson." Those dark-brown eyes held his for an instant and red hot heat traveled straight to his groin. Tongue-tied he stuck his hands in his pockets, forgetting he hated to be called Jackson. Anybody else who used his given name would have pissed him off.
Kyle held out a gym pass. "You look like a man who likes to work out. I just happen to have an extra pass for Olympus. If you can get out of the house that is." He winked at Alex, before turning back to him. "His girlfriend must be hell on wheels in the sack."
The sex God grinned and shrugged. "Gotta keep 'em happy."
The girlfriend was the last thing he wanted to hear about. Time to make his exit. "I don't think I can make—"
"Sure, I'm not one to pass on a freebie." Alex grabbed the pass, accidently bumping his arm.
His mouth went dry and his hand snaked out of its own free will to grab the third pass.
Alex saluted with his. "Thanks Ky. I'll meet you guys there."
When he left, Kyle had turned to him. "His girlfriend must be a hot babe. Ever see her?"
"I rarely see him." He had answered truthfully. Alex kept to himself a lot and besides he worked outdoors most of the day.
"Don't expect to see him at the gym either. The poor bastard is so pussy whipped he always blows us off." Kyle chuckled. "I'd be surprised if she lets him off the leash tonight."
Every time someone mentioned the elusive girlfriend, his heart sank. So the man had a ball and chain. So what? Even if his dream guy were single, he wouldn't have a chance in hell with him. He was so obviously not into men.
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June M. said...

This sounds like a good story. I personally don't think there is anything strange about you writing MM stories, there are a lot of them out there now because they are very popular, especially with straight women. I just started reading them about six months ago after reading a book that was mmf. Didn't even know MM was a turn on for me until then, lol.
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