Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Stand Alone Sequel

We revisit, the Kincaid men in the town of Paradise. A town where the men are men and the women well... They just better do as their told or else...

Matt Kincaid's ( Charles' son who we meet in MINE ALONE) all grown up has found love. Trying to honor his mother's wishes not to follow after the men in the family. He finds it harder than he thought. He choice of bride disrespects him, leaving him no other recourse, but to see her trained in the family tradition. Will she realized the opportunity before her? Will she grab it or let it slip through her fingers?

Brian Kincaid (whose early years story we read in MINE ALONE) discovers after years of being a widower a woman who he responds to. With his blood of fire he seeks to claim her. Not the least interested she responds with the ice water in her veins. He will teach her body how to burn for him. But, will the fire burning inside of him be hot enough to melt her frozen heart?
Patsy an innocent young woman. Discovers the man she loves is not will to be led by the whims of the fairer sex. Foolishly, she with the excitement of the upcoming wedding makes choices without considering her groom's wishes. Will the lessons she learns break her? Can she find a way to reconcile her dreams with her new reality?

Ellen Trent is a no-nonsense woman. Widowed young she has to prove herself in a man's world. She became hard and stubborn while determined to protect her fortune. She will not bow to any one, including Brian. So she thought until he found her weakness. With her defenses gone he teaches her the delightful things their bodies can share. He demands more can she prevent him from claiming her heart and soul as well?

As well as Mine Alone..

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