Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Snog!

So who doesn't love a good snog? For those of you unfamiliar with the term I'm not being rude it simply means a kiss and I love kisses. Because I love them so much I set up a Sunday tradition, a regular spot on my blog dedicated to kisses. It's called, yes, you've guessed it, the Sunday Snog.

Every week I post up a tasty teaser from one of my books containing a sensual snog and then authors join in by adding their own kisses to the list at the end of my post. We get in a good number of different kisses each week and believe me, it's a very fun way to while away some time on a Sunday afternoon! This weeks Snog is chocolate covered and very, very hot indeed. Come on over and check it out!


Maria D. said...

Great idea for a Sunday post! Headed over to the blog.

Lily said...

I will be there next Sunday all puckered up :-)

Lily x