Sunday, October 2, 2011

My First Sequel

Originally I had no plans of writing a sequel to the first in my meant to be series but a dream sequence hit me over the head and then wouldn't let me go until the story was down on paper.

Together the titles come from a phrase used within both books. "You have to live for the todays and forget the yesterdays or life just might pass you by." The basis of both stories steams from an experience my best friend went through when her aunt got pancratic and died not shortly after.

Below are the blurbs and buy links for both but later I will share an excerpt from Forget The Yesterdays.

ISBN # 9781936653140

Release Date: Feburary 21, 2011

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Secret Cravings Publishing

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Vengeance is only a mouse click away, but what happens when you fall for the one you’re supposed to hate? Diane Miles lets very few people into her life, and the ones she calls family she never lets go of. But what if is she to do when her best friend is dying and her whole world as she knows it is about to be torn apart.

Chase Griffin is in shock when a woman accusses him of treating one of his employees wrongfully. When she takes over his system making it impossible to work, he doesn’t know whether to strangle her or spank her till she begs for mercy. When he discovers who his local vigilante is, strangling is the last thing on his mind as she becomes his rock during the last days of his sisters life.

Sequel to Live For The Todays

ISBN # 978-1-61885-026-3

Release Date: September 12, 2011

Secret Cravings Publishing

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Some say the past defines us, others say to forget it and move forward. For Jack McCloud, the past plagues him with what could and should have been. After the death of the only woman he ever truly loved, Jack finds that forgetting the yesterdays is harder then he ever imagined. Impossible, until one woman comes into his life and turns it upside down making him rethink where his future leads, and whether he really wants to survive it on his own.

Samantha Larsh, a single mother, only wants what is best for her and her newborn son. So when offered a job at ARC Management, she is elated at the opportunity to provide the life they both desperately need. One day, one job, and one secret later her life would be forever changed. Can the future handed to her by fate be enough for her to look forward to tomorrow, or is she forever doomed to live in the shadow of yesterdays ghost?

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