Saturday, October 29, 2011

Intro: Paranormal Author Stephanie Burkhart

Steph's pumpkin, Jack

Hi, I'm Stephanie Burkhart. I write paranormal, steampunk, fantasy, and contemporary romance as well as children's stories. I love coffee, chocolate, and lilacs. I'm very excited to be here on the blog today. ☺

Just a little about me: I grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire, and got my start writing comic books as a 6 year old. When I turned 18, I joined the U.S. Army wanting a great adventure. I became an MP (Military Police) and went off to Germany. I spent 7 years in Europe between 1986-1997. I've visited Berlin (before and after the fall of the wall), The Netherlands, Belgium, Paris, Venice, Salzburg, Poland, and Hungary. Two counties I wish I could have visited and hope to get there soon: Great Britain and Canada. I became a 911 Dispatcher for LAPD in 2000. My sons are 9 and 5. Finding balance between working, writing, and being a mommy can be a challenge, but it's a rewarding one. When I go to sleep, I sleep pretty heavy, so most of my story ideas don't come from dreams, but from germs of ideas.

I love writing paranormal, steampunk, fantasy and contemporary romance.

My paranormal titles include:
The Hungarian, paranormal, werewolf romance
The Count's Lair, paranormal, werewolf romance,
Danube in Candlelight, paranormal, werewolf romance releases: 1 NOV 2011
The Wolf's Torment, paranormal, werewolf/witch romance
Victorian Scoundrel, steampunk, time travel

Be Mused, story: Matchmaking Amusement, (fantasty/paranormal)

GIVEAWAY: Do you have an ebook reader? If so, which one? Are you going to pick up the Kindle Fire?






Sharon Donovan said...

And a fabulous writer you are Steph!

StephB said...

Sharon thanks for popping in. Jack always has a boo up his sleeve.


Maggie Toussaint said...

Your pumpkin is scary! I'm hoping to get a new Kindle soon. But I have a faint hope of an I-pad at the same time. I hope Santa does well with his day job this fall.

DEATH, ISLAND STYLE cominf Feb 2012

Na said...

Wow, great pumpkin Steph! You wirte a lot of the genres I enjoy but I still need to acquaint myself with steampunk.

CelticAmazon said...

I have both a Sony and a Kobo. I am thinking about getting the Kindle Fire (may ask for Christmas and Birthday) as they are about a month apart.

Thank you for your service. My hubby was in the Army and I was in the Marine. Sounds like you had some good times.

Nancy G said...

Love your spooky pumpkin! Haven't had one since the kids grew up, and I kind of miss it. Need to get more of your books-have a couple in the tbr mountain range.

Morgan Mandel said...

Hi Steph,
I'm always amazed at your daring! You are a true heroine for joining the service. I'm also amazed at how many countries you've seen. I've been to a few states, but never out of the country.

You wanted to know about ereaders. I have a kindle, which I absolutely love!

Your pumpkin is great, by the way.

Morgan Mandel

Chrisbails said...

I do have a nook, but want to get a kindle fire. they are awesome and so books that I want are cheaper through Amazon than B&N. I love halloween and love the Goddess Blogs. Great book and author recommendations. I love to read and fun giveaways are great.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Your life has certainly been exciting. All the places you've been lend themselves to great story ideas.

I have an iPad and really do like it. Halloween is such a fun holiday. Love ghosts and black cats and haunted houses.

StephB said...

Thanks everyone for popping in and supporting my intro post. If you don't have an ebook reader, it's something to consider for Xmas. My recommedations:

kindle fire
Sony ebook reader

Contrats to Patricia - Celtic Amazon - you've won a PDF Copy of one of my books, you're pick:
The Hungarian
The Count's Lair
The Wolf's Torment
Victorian Scoundrel
Danube in Candlelight

Thanks to everyone who popped in and supported me and thanks to Long & Short for hosting this fun weekend.

PS... I found everything I need for my Daenerys costume - including the dragons!