Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shouts and Roof tops

Sometimes you just want to shout from the roof tops. So to speak.

  From a writers viewpoint that's the feeling you get each and every time a book you have written is released. I saving my big yell for October 17th. For that's when my first book with Rebel Ink Press is due to be released. However, that doesn't mean I can't practice...Hurray!! YAHOO!!

The Stepbrothers:

A story of a stepbrother's betrayed and

his plan for revenge.


Childhood for Clint was wonderful until the day his mother remarried. His new stepbrother George was pure evil. The stepbrother's only goal was to make sure Clint's life was a living hell. It never occurred to him Clint would grow up.

Clint Hawks never forgot the misery and pain he suffered at George's hands and his every thought focused on revenge. Then along came Samantha Culpepper a sweet, young, innocent, bride to be. Inexperienced Samantha becomes the pawn in Clint's game of revenge.

When the score is finally settled she'll have enough experiences to last a life time.


The Stepbrothers

is a new release by Rebel ink Press set for October 17th.

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Michael said...

Hello fello Rebel Writer!

Congrats on your Rebel Release.


SLira writing as BL and Michael M

Maria D. said...

Congratulations on your upcoming release! And yes...shout if from the rooftops:)