Sunday, October 2, 2011

The M/M Spin - The Prince and the Penis BLMorticia

The M/M Spin

Alright then!

Another post for Wicked Gal! I know you’re excited because it’s fresh and new. Ready? It’s about the short I have in the Once Upon a Twisted Tale Anthology, The Prince and the Penis.

Now, you might say, BL, what is THAT about?

Well, you recall the story about The Princess and the Pea?

It’s the story by Hans Christen Anderson about a prince is in search of his princess and in order to see how sensitive she is, the queen decides to put a pea under the 20 mattresses she’s sleeping on. When the princess slept, she complained about it saying she didn’t get much rest and wondered what that could have been under her.

From that the queen determined she must be a princess because if she was so delicate.

So, what was my take?

Well without telling you so much about it, I went and did an m/m spin, almost the same story but I featured the characters from my novella, the Wretched. The story is in the STARbooks antho, Rock and Roll Over actually released under Michael Mandrake. *pouts*

That’s okay. It was Sharita’s first story and since Michael did write the majority and I wrote the sex, I can defer to him but, the rest of the Wretched is written by me and the LONG version of that Story, the Delicacies of Lust Liquor and Cannabis will be in that Novella when I finish.

Okay, back to the short. So, as I was saying, the M/M version is the same, but with hot m/m sex, a brand new world called MetalDom and a cast of unforgettable characters that, yes, you guessed, want their own story.

Much to Sharita’s chagrin but my delight, this short has turned into a Novella of it’s own and we’ll be sitting down to write it in 2012.

Sharita and I as well as the other muses love to put an m/m spin on a story to make it better. What’s the fun in m/m? C’mon, the men! And what’s better than one man? Two in love with a some romance, tension, and hot sex.

*licks lips*

Beautiful and STILL taboo to some which makes it perfect for this wicked gal!

So, be on the lookout for the Twisted anthology. If I’m not mistaken, mine is one of the few m/m tales.

Keep an eye on my blog to find out more as the days get closer to release.

* * * *
Here's a sample. Unprofessionally edited

That night, Corey and his partner, King Nicholai, the vocalist of the Wretched horde, stayed quiet in their lovely bedroom with deep red walls and intricate crown molding. The floors were made of marble and the only things in the room were the fireplace along with a chest that held underthings that neither bothered to wear.
Nicholai lay with him in their huge four post bed with a black satin canopy. The 300 count sheets were a deep crimson red with black trim. The pillows fluffed just as he’d required since Corey was all about comfort and loved for things close to his body to be soft and sensitive, much like himself. 

That couldn’t be misconstrued when it came to his playing or attitude. Corey could kick the ass of anyone that crossed his path. Many misjudged him since they thought his slight frame meant he wasn’t strong and could be whipped easily, including those in his own camp, but Corey of the Wretched could not be defeated unless he was full from the band’s favorite drink. Jagermeister, the official alcohol of all those who were accepted in Metaldom.


Gale Stanley said...

Love the title and the excerpt! Can't wait to read more.

Michael said...

TY so much Gale! :D

daydrmzzz said...

Lmao! I love the title!

Michael said...

TY I do too,

It was a fun book to write!