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Ménage in fiction by Lily Harlem (18+ novels)

The theme of three people together has always been popular in fiction, many esteemed writers such as Ernest Hemingway (The Garden of Eden) and Dylan Thomas (Under Milk Wood) wrote about relationships when a third person was introduced and the subject has not waned over the years.

The first ménage book I read was Maya Banks ‘Colter’s Woman’, a truly awesome story if you get the chance to read it, and it certainly catapulted me into a wonderful sub-genre of reading and writing. I began searching out ménage books, not to say I wasn’t still reading m/f erotic romance, I was, but I liked to settle into a good three or foursome.

I’m not sure what it is about ménage books that captures our imagination. Is it because ménage is a fantasy only a few of us indulge in? Maybe it’s a bit of research before approaching a third party and having a try. Perhaps it’s the emotional involvement of three people which is fascinating, the extra person to think off, care for. 

I adored writing Shared and Shared Too, which are full length novels featuring a threesome who are in love and committed, but the guys are not into each other, although there is a strong bond between them they are not lovers, the heroine, Ariane gets all their attention. Is it the thought of having two hunks adoring one woman, looking after her every need both in and out of the bedroom  that is the lure – it certainly appeals to me.

Struggling artist Ariane Arlington flees the Welsh valleys after exposing her corrupt boss. But when the sun rises she finds herself jobless and homeless in Cardiff city with barely a penny to her name.
She responds to an advert in the local paper—Room to let, wanted, girl to share. What she doesn’t realize is that the two insanely gorgeous guys who live in the penthouse apartment really do want a girl to share, in every sense of the word. Fortunately for Ariane, rent is the last thing on their minds.
She discovers the men are bound together by a turbulent past. Liam, a computer whiz, keeps a painful secret hidden beneath his buff exterior, whilst Quinn, a pioneering neurosurgeon, wonders if he’ll ever meet a woman who can live with his controlling ways. They admit the one thing missing from their lives is a woman just like Ariane, who can handle them both in and out of the bedroom and who, together, they can keep satisfied, loved and most of all, safe.

The scorching hot sequel,  Shared Too, once again features Ariane and of course, the delectable Liam and Quinn.

Ten years on I’m still convinced I’m the luckiest woman on earth. Two devastatingly gorgeous husbands committed to my satisfaction—phew!—life doesn’t get much better or much sexier.
But as though the mere concept of a perfect existence was created to be shattered, one day Quinn turned to me and said, “Shared too. I want to be shared too.” Add in the monster that haunted my nightmares and I was struggling to keep a grip on my sanity.
I soon realized that the path Quinn wanted us to travel would stretch not only his experience of giving and taking but also mine and Liam’s. In a whirlwind of desperate emotions, dark desires and erotic fantasy, we were all so distant but also so sublimely close. Sharing had never been as sweet as it was bitter, or as depraved as it was heavenly.
Reader Advisory: Features the sharing of multiple bodies (F/F, M/F/M, F/M/F/M), bondage and other naughty sexual adventures!

If you want to read the entire first chapter of Shared Too here you go (definitely 18+)

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Lily Harlem


daydrmzzz said...

Holy hotness!! I have read Shared and LOVED it! Still haven't gotten to Shared Too but I WANT to bad.
Dawn xoxo

mnjcarter said...

I agree with your viewpoint on menage, in that being it is a fantasy that most of us will never indudge in, especially being when we are already in a commited relationship. By the way, I love your banner, way hot!!

June M. said...

I do agree that it is a fantasy for most people. I love stories featuring 2 or more guys and one girl. That is a favorite fantasy of mine.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Lily said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting :-)

I've got more ménage stories in progress right now. Can't seem to stop writing them.

Lily x