Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is There A Big Difference Between Erotica and Smut

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This is BL here with a post about erotica and smut. Is there a difference? You might say no. Stories that involve a lot of sex, regardless if they have a storyline or not is all smut.

*shakes head*

 Not true at all. In fact, a lot of erotica books on the market have less sex than they did only a few years ago. No longer are publishers interested in the kind of “stroker” stories we used to write. They want tension, passion, a hot plot, AND hot sex.

But isn’t anything with hot sex considered smut or porn? Not at all. A lot of the stories written have a beginning where hero means beta hero/heroine, they go through the struggles to get together, against all odds, fighting and clawing at each other all the while, making hot and sweet love with candles around the room, satin sheets, and a cool breeze blowing through the window. 

 Now days, readers demand more too. They want to see, taste, and feel the tension between the two characters throughout the book. They like being teased and led to believe that their hot couple, regardless of the traditional or the “alternative”, will have some sort of barrier between them before they slide between the sheets. If you don’t have that, then your book might not sell as well. *scratches head* It’s odd, but that’s the formula for some of the best selling books regardless of genre.

So back to my question, is there a big difference? Yep, there is. Stories with complete plots and hot sex, sell. The basic smut, get me off is no longer a factor.

Enjoy the party!

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Here is a little snippet of my new story coming out in the Naughty Nights Press Halloween anthology. The tale is called, I Dream of Dalian and it's dedicated to my very first muse, Peter Steele, fmr lead singer of Type O' Negative. Rest in Peace!

 Am I good enough for you…?

The song played in her head as if it were on a loop. How could he not be enough for anyone? Looking at his pictures on the wall was torture. When she listened to him croon and wail it made her toes curl and her breathing stall.  The man was pure sex on stage. She wished to be in his arms so he could serenade her before making love. He was however the self proclaimed vampire prince. Dalian James was everything as advertised and Narni hoped this Halloween night, he would accept her as his own.

After work, Narni came home to her empty apartment. Simplistic described the setup, with only a couch, the two recliners and her television in the main living room. Her walls, decorated in plain off-white with few pictures of some of her favorite things and celebs. She slipped out of her shoes and made her way to her bedroom where she spent most of her time. Her lair, as she called it, showed more of her wild side, painted in blood red, framed photos of more bands gave this room its life. Her four post bed was decorated in white sheets with a black and crimson duvet that covered the mattress. The desk with the computer, her cherry wood dresser and a full length mirror completed the room’s d├ęcor. Simple but vibrant in her estimation, it was the only place in her small flat that really displayed her sense of style.

Narni stripped down to her black lacy boy cuts and bra before dropping onto the mattress. It had been an exhausting day and she wanted to rest up for tonight’s special performance featuring her favorite band Blood Died Red. Narni had anticipated the evening seeing Dalian, the man of her dreams for weeks. She knew the closest she could be to him was in front row but it didn’t deter her from dreaming of being chosen for the night. Dalian would only be steps away and even if she didn’t tickle his fancy, the beats from his bass would be enough to satisfy the need between her legs, at least temporarily


June M. said...

I think we all had that one rocker who we lusted after.
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daydrmzzz said...

I agree there is a difference and it's nice to see I'm not the only one who feels like that.