Sunday, October 2, 2011

Introduction to the Triad - BLMorticia

BIO: The Triad, otherwise known as the characters in the head of Sharita Lira are three separate muses that are the driving force behind her small amount of success. Misses Lira sees her own life as one that is very ordinary, so instead of presenting herself out to the world, she created three personalities that continue to haunt her all hours of the night to get several WIP’s done at the speed of light, and push her to the brink of sheer exhaustion, but she loves it and that’s the reason she hasn’t told them to get the hell out her head.

Hello there Goddess Fish readers. I’d like to introduce myself to you.

BLMorticia, BL for short, otherwise known as the wicked part of the Literary Triad. No, no, my name is not well known just yet, but I assure you it will be.

I’m actually Sharta Lira’s original muse, born to her around the time she was going from horny teen to horny adult. *laughs* Being the late bloomer she was, she discovered she liked to read and write dirty stories. She really began writing in her early teens but nothing as saucy as what she began around the age of 19. 

Sharita wrote little stories for friends with me as her guide. They were quite impressed and told her she should start writing to publish. Due to other obligations and general shyness, she didn’t do it and instead continued to write as a hobby.

Then, years later, she joined the email list Erotica Writers and Readers Association or ERWA which has been around for years. She started sending a few of her tales there to get input and read stories from other published and unpublished authors. She learned a lot and received some pretty great feedback but because of those same obligations and the fear of rejection, she still didn’t do it.

Finally, in mid 2009 when she basically had stopped writing for the most part, she received a letter from an editor asking about one of the stories she’d written for ERWA called Last Lie. He expressed interest in putting it in an anthology and requested if she’d be willing to spruce it up for possible publication. This woke up the fire in her and finally, she dragged me out of her brain once again to try and submit. This was also around the time, Sharita started reading fanfiction a little more regularly and decided that slash might be something she’d want to attempt. To this point, she’d only tried hetero and lesbian stories. She found a group of writers on Livejournal and latched on as well as a messageboard group of writers that wrote slash or m/m. She wrote her first slash story late 09 and posted it in LJ and the messageboard to be read, getting great feedback. 

Around Christmas, Sharita received a book of Kama Sutra positions from her best friends who wrote in the flap she should follow her dreams and write to be published. That along with encouragement from her significant other convinced her to do it and around April of 2010, Sharita’s story under my alter ego Michael Mandrake, The Wretched Tales of Lust, Liquor, and Cannabis was accepted for publication. 

Now, notice I said Michael and not me. *pouts* That’s because at that time, Sharita felt breaking into M/M required a male pseudonym so she created Michael Mandrake and good girl Rawiya around the same time to offset me and that’s when the Triad was born. Of course, now, Sharita sees this wasn’t really necessary but Michael and Rawiya wrote the most while I still stayed in the background writing tales to be published on sites like Every Night Erotica but then in August, my story Cocksucker’s Complaint was accepted for publication in Xcite’s Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss collection and we took it from there. 

These days, Sharita and I work more closely together as we did when it began. We sent in My Lieutenant which will be published from Rebel Ink and we just signed a contract to write the You Don’t Ask We Don’t Tell Series as well as another contract from Naughty Nights Press for the Something New on the Menu series with Rawiya. 

In addition, I appear at Erotic Diaries bi monthly with Rawiya, write a biweekly column for follow author Blak Rayne and also do Wicked Wednesdays with fellow Rebel writer Cassandre Dayne and there’s more books with snark and all around wickedness to follow. 

It’s quite satisfying to sit here and look back at the journey we’ve taken together and just goes to show you if you follow your heart and dreams, eventually you’ll get there.

Sharita made it happen for us and so can you if your little wicked heart so desires it. 

My next post will be a little snip and blurb from My Lieutenant, my first book. *squee* Thanks for listening to me! 


Gale Stanley said...

I love the idea of the triad. I have quite a few personalities myself but I've limited them to 2 names. (I confuse easily). Looking forward to reading your excerpts.

Michael said...

TY Gale. Believe me, its hard to keep up. I have a handle on them now though!


TY for stopping by

Maria D. said...

Lol...fascinatiing story about how the triad came to be!

Michael said...

TY Maria.

Yes it is a very interesting ride and we're just getting started. *giggle* TY!

June M. said...

I would be confused just trying to keep everyone straight. Much less knowing what I was supposed to be working on under what name. But then I get confused easily, lol.
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