Saturday, October 29, 2011

Exotic Locales with MJ Fredrick

I live less than ten minutes away from the house where I grew up. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and my son went to the same high school where we met. And I like it that way.

BUT in my head and in my books, I love to travel. I have been to almost every continent through research and imagination. The farther and more different than my South Texas home, the better (though my first book, Where There’s Smoke, is set in San Antonio.)

Hot Shot took me to the mountains of Montana during fire season. Boy, howdy, did I do a lot of research for that book.

Beneath the Surface took me, well, beneath the surface of the Caribbean coast to discover a shipwreck.

Breaking Daylight was my first jungle book, set in the wilds of Honduras.

Don’t Look Back was my second jungle book (I LOVE jungle books, all steamy and sexy, though I never ever want to go to one!) set in treacherous Central Africa.

Midnight Sun took me the farthest, to icy Antarctica. Hey, it may not sound sexy, but body heat, people! Fun book to write.

And Three Days, Two Nights brings me back to the jungle—on a deserted island, no less. (Another think I like about jungles—isolation and privacy!)

I have some domestic books, too—Something to Talk About set on the central California coast, Road Signs set on the road from Wisconsin to Seattle, A Ghostly Charm set off the South Carolina coast, Star Power set in northern New York, Bull by the Horns set in West Texas and Sunrise Over Texas set in Texas almost 200 years ago. My December release, Guarded Hearts, will be an Austin-set book.

I snatch up those jungle books like they’ll be gone tomorrow, and I see Carina Press has an Antarctica book coming out, too. What about you? Do you enjoy reading exotic locations?


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Na said...

I don't get to do a lot of travelling myself but I am hoping to change this someday. For now I do a lot of "travelling" in stories. I like reading about both exotic locales and small-towns, it depends on the story :)

Beautiful cover.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks so much! I do love that cover. I'd like to do some traveling, but I think I'll start by seeing different places in the US!