Sunday, October 2, 2011

Erotic Man by Lily Harlem

Now here are two questions with a multitude of possible answers – What do you find erotic about the male body and which physical feature of the man in your life do you absolutely adore? I suspect your answers will be different to what men think they could or should be.

Okay a six pack is all very nice and we are bombarded with images of perfect chests and taut butts, but what about beautiful wrists with defined, strong tendons or luscious armpits, pale skinned with wisps of hair and a wonderful male scent.

I believe every man has parts of his body that are incredibly beautiful, and it is his partner who really appreciates this about him. It is what, in her eyes, makes him hot with a capital H!

Share your thoughts. I’d love to hear them.

Lily Harlem


Michael said...

I myself love a gorgeous man!

I have pictures full of gorgeous hot bods and ogle them daily for inspiration!

Fab post Lily

daydrmzzz said...

One of my favorite features on a man is actually his legs and forearms and hands. He stands up for me on his two feet and works hard for me with his two hands and holds me clods me close when I needs it with his arms. These are the things I love about a mans body :)

mnjcarter said...

I find the whole package erotic, from, the tips of their toes to the top of their head, even more than that, is whats inside their head, and they way they control themself. Strong, dominant men are erotic. I find my hubbys super sensative nipples extremely erotic(and he knows it!!!)

Great question!!

Maria D. said...

I like to look at their arms and legs....especially their thighs

June M. said...

I have always loved strong, large hands. And I don't want them to be softer than mine, I want them to be a little be rough to add to the sensations when they are touching me.
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Lily said...

Mmm, hands work for me too. I have also recently come to appreciate a long hair shin!

Lily x