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Concentric Circles, Aithne Jarretta, Paranormal Romance Author

Author Aithne Jarretta, Paranormal Romance Author. Hope you're having a magical day! First let me say thank you, Goddess Fish for opening your pages for all the wonderful authors visiting today.
Paranormal is fun and I hope Readers will take advantage of the opportunity to win a $10 gift card by posting lots of comments.

What do I hope to hear from readers? Well, I'm hoping you'll share YOUR paranormal perspectives. What paranormal elements do you like in the romance novels you read? Is it time travel? How about ghosts? Are you glued to pages where vampires jump out and get you or werewolves howl for your love?

This is time for my confession. I've written about each of these in some form or another. Wouldn't consider myself a Paranormal Romance Author if I didn't.

One thing I would like to share with you is that frequently some of my favorite inspirations don't come from the usual places... Sure, ghosties and shapeshifters are fun. ;-) But truthfully sometimes earthly elements we encounter each day can be woven into magical worlds.

Here's a never before posted excerpt from CONCENTRIC CIRCLES in which Shayla explains seeing Meekal's magic.

“During your fight with Zubird, I saw your magic.” Shayla faced him and moved closer. Hands moving in the air around him, she motioned with flexing fingers. “It’s purple—so beautiful. Like little stars on fire in purple flames. I saw it consume Zubird’s black magic. What was that? I mean—I saw Seamus’ aura of fear when I went to Syther’s lair, but this was different. It’s like everything suddenly became clear to me about us, but even that opens more questions.”
“There is a legend,” Meekal said huskily. “When God created souls, each came from a single sphere of fire. I’m amazed and awed that you saw it in action.”
“I’ve never heard that legend. Even with all my reading.”
“Aye, well it’s because you’ve been sheltered from magic. That isn’t the main point.”
Shayla tickled his pulse point with moist lips. “Humm.”
He swallowed and leaned away. “Within each sphere of fire resided two souls in polarity—male and female. They are unique in divine design. No one else matches them.” He hesitated, allowing her loving gaze to study him. “Some stories refer to such souls as twin flames. Unlike soul mates, they truly have a single origin.”
“Twin flames?”
“Aye. To see my purple flames—well,” he said, looking at her with an expression of tenderness.
“It confirms what you said..." Shayla whispered softly.

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Updated: October 3, 2011

Yes, I came back. ;D  I just wanted to give a broad spectrum Thank You to Goddess Fish for hosting me this past weekend. They had a wonderful turnout. I was hoping one of my commenters won the GC. vbg

Anyway... the comments were excellent (I applaude you) so I answered each one individually as though in an interview. Aithne Jarretta reveals some secret nuggets below.

Have a beautiful week. Happy reading!

~ Aithne
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Maria D. said...

Welcome to the party. I like all of the world building that takes place in paranormal romance, I also like the alpha men and kick butt women in the stories. I like the different abilities and powers the characters have and the action and romance too. Plus the immortatilty that some of the characters have.


mnjcarter said...

It's most definitly the hot male alpha shapeshifter that can smell and hear everything!! The strength and dominace is enough to make a girl....enough said.

Eva's Flowers said...

I do like reading paranormals, whether it's shapeshifters (alpha wolves especially) or vampires. I also like when the women have strong characters and will not themselves be pushed around by their man, but you know down deep they love the dominance of their alpha character too ;-)


desitheblonde said...

i love the cover s of all the book here and thank you for having it

June M. said...

Pretty much, if it's paranormal, I love it. I love vampires, shifters of all kinds, demons, angels, witches, fae, time traveling, and so much more. I read mainstream and eroticia, both m/f, m/m, and various menages, vanilla and kink. As you can probably tell, I like a large variety of books.

shadow_kohler said...

my favorite is paranormal too! i definitely love my shifters. there so yummy and dangerous and hot! i read romance, mostly erotica. ;) i like my happy endings!

daydrmzzz said...

Paranormal is one of my favorite and actual what got me into reading I'm just now getting into shifters but vamps have always had my heart. I love that things don't have to be normal you can be whatever you want and do anything.

Aithne said...

Maria D.:
World building in paranormal is one aspect that I see as an adventure in writing.

Take something in our universe and play with it... shift & spin... mold & transform... Whatever you choose can be morphed into a necessary paranormal story element.

So glad to hear you like kick-butt heroines. ;D It's the only kind I write. In fact, Shayla (heroine in Concentric Circles) was furious with me for writing in that she fainted. Lol

The story element turned out okay because I told Shayla that the White Lady induced the faint. It was magic and Shayla could not have stopped it. At any rate, it worked out in the end.

Alpha males are grand if they don't fear wearing pink (breast cancer research), absolutely adore kick-butt heroines (see above ;o) and defend the greater good. Of course they need to be specimens of hunkiness, have well placed dimples, expressive eyes... and...

Magical abilities and immortality are necessary story elements. In fact, I've never been able to write anything without them. (Yes, I've tried.)

The self conflict Shayla faces in Concentric Circles over her magical issues fed the story. The world building behind that was so immense that her mother Claire also has a story. (bit of a prequel to be published soon)

As for immortality? I have a hyper-active-annoying-highlander bouncing around in my head telling this whole story. ;D Black Bryan Chilkwell is the Chilkwell patriarch, an immortal changeling fae with a head as hard as stone and heart as big as the universe.

Thank you for commenting, Maria. It's been a pleasure. ;o)!/AithneJarretta

Aithne said...

Once upon a time I met a shapeshifter. ;D When we first crossed paths he was rather young. However, he intrigued me. So I decided to get to know him better... One day he turned around and I realized he had grown up.

With awesome blue eyes, soft dimples and an ornery spirit he gave me his sexiest grin and transformed.

At first I was a little surprised, but then realized with his magical ability he could blend into his surroundings.

This was a powerful aspect of his character. A hero can be hidden in plain sight.

After all, that's what pouncing is for...right?

Thank you, nnjcarter for posting.!/AithneJarretta

Aithne said...

Eva's Flowers:
...sigh... LOVE. Yes, love is paramount.

In Shayla's case she was brokenhearted twice when she met Meekal. Completely ready to give up on love, she figured a trip across the Atlantic could cure her experiences. ;D

It did, but not how she expected. Did she know deep down? The excerpt above is a pivotal moment...

Thanks for posting, Eva.!/AithneJarretta

Aithne said...

Goddess Fish Promotions always features talented authors. One thing about the new digital arts we can all have magnificent covers. Ain't it grand?

Thanks for posting.!/AithneJarretta

Aithne said...

June M.:
Being well read in the paranormal romance genre is something to boast about. ;D

If you stop to think about it, all those worlds you've visited become a part of you. Getting wrapped up in a story is a wonderful place to be.

Thank you for commenting, June. May you have a joyous day of exploring new worlds through the written word.!/AithneJarretta

Aithne said...

Shifters Rock! Is there a hashtag for that? Seriously, happy endings can be gentle or adventurous & windy...

“Such temptations you offer,” Shayla murmured, nipping him just over the rapid pulse of his throat. She stretched her arms upward, encircling him in an embrace and twisted on her heel.

Meekal’s breathy voice titillated her. “Ride the wind.”

Shayla can tell you all about riding the wind.

Thank you for commenting. Have a beautiful week.!/AithneJarretta

Aithne said...

You said... "I love that things don't have to be normal you can be whatever you want and do anything."

The simple depth of that statement is profound.

I believe Readers escape into the magical worlds of paranormal because they seek entertainment that will relieve the stressors of everyday life.

That's why holding a book in the palms of our hands comforts on a deeper level.

In our modern world the advent of ereaders has brought about nearly instant (whisper net) Reader gratification.

Samples are available. There are more choices.

Readers can escape into stories where vampires rule the night and shifters have a great advantage. Love springs from the hearts of heroines and lusty heroes. That's how we like it.

So glad that paranormal stories are what drew you into these worlds. Good luck in your explorations.

Thank you for commenting. ;D!/AithneJarretta

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Aithne

Late again! The time difference doesn't help and although I meant to come back first thing yesterday, real life got in the way! I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your excerpt, and I really want to get round to reading 'Concentric Circles' eventually!

Aithne said...


Frankly, I think since you live on the other side of the world and have your mornings before I do (lol) you aren't late. ;D

Bless you dear friend.