Sunday, October 2, 2011

Conan Cahill Speaks!

Conan Cahill Speaks to Beverly Rae

An Interview with the Hero from CLAWED (Wild Things, Book 3)

Me: Welcome, everyone, to my interview with werebear shifter, Conan Cahill. You may remember him as the hero and all-round good guy from my latest book, CLAWED. Hi, Conan. I’m so glad you agreed to speak to me.

Conan: Yeah. Sure.

Me (I cast a sideways look at the heroine of CLAWED, Chloe Long): Chloe told me that you’re a man of few words. I guess that’s true.

Conan: Yep.

Me: Uh-huh. Um, okay, then. Let’s get right to it. Tell me. What’s it like being a werebear?

Conan: It’s okay. (Conan scowls at Chloe who has just given him a nasty look. “Talk, Conan. Say something.”)

Me: (Still hoping Chloe can get him to open up) Can you tell the readers how you and Chloe met?

Conan: Well, you ought to know. You wrote it.

Me: True enough. But the readers want to hear you tell the story.

Conan: (His dark eyes soften.) She came to the mountains and saw me fishing in the stream.

Me: So…did she start fishing with you?

Conan: (He grins at Chloe who is now blushing and waving her hands, urging him to not say anything more.) No. She ran away.

Me: Why would she run away? Were you in your bear form?

Conan: Nope. I was butt naked.

Me: Butt naked as in totally nude, right? You were standing in the water and fishing. What were you using for a pole? (I glance down at his crotch and cringe even though I know the answer to my question.)

Conan: (He shoots me a wicked grin.) I guess I could’ve used you-know-what, but that might hurt once the fish locked onto it. Naw, I’m kidding. I was catching fish with my hands.

Me: Just like a bear, right?

Conan: Well, yeah.

Me: But she didn’t run because you were nude. She ran because… (I motion for him to fill in the blank.)

Conan: She ran because I shifted. I changed into my bear form.

Me: Tell the readers what you did when she ran.

Conan: I chased after her.

Me: And did you catch her? (I smile, loving this part of the story.)

Conan: Oh, I caught her all right.

Me: Then what happened next?

Conan: I reached out my paw and I—

Me: Oh, no! I’m so sorry, Conan, but that’s all the time we have for now. Besides, I think Chloe’s about to have a heart attack. Thanks for talking to us, Conan.

Me: Calm down, Chloe. We won’t tell them what happened once he took you into your tent. (Conan and I high-five at Chloe’s embarrassment.)

Me: I hope everyone will pick up CLAWED and find out for themselves! Or check out my other books on my website at Goodbye, ya’ll!


mnjcarter said...

Nice interview, loved the fishing pole bit. Yep, gonna get this series.

daydrmzzz said...

I saw this the other day while browsing and I have placed it in my Must Reads weekly post. Sounds great!!

Beverly Rae said...

Thanks, everyone.

Remember, all the Wild Things books can be read in any order.

Thanks for posting!


June M. said...

Oh, I am definitely gonna have to find out what happened once the bear caught his honey, *snort* I couldn't resist
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