Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Excerpt from HELLFIRE

Here's an R-Rated excerpt (Gage and Tanner are in the shower) from HELLFIRE, coming soon from Siren Publishing.
Menage a trois, ménage a quatre, M/M, M/M/M, M/F/M/M
Kate is hiding her Lycan identity. Even her human lover doesn't know she's half wolf. But how long can she keep her secret when two sexy wolf-shifters show up determined to bring her into their pack.
Hellfire will be available at Bookstrand:
“Thank me later, after I loosen up all that tension in your muscles.”
“You just want to get your hands on me.”
“Is that a problem?”
“Hell no.”
Tanner started at the shoulders, applying gentle pressure in circular movements. Gage arched his throat, obviously enjoying the attention. Running his hands slowly down Gage’s back, fingers charting a smooth course over well-defined muscles, Tanner worked his way down in slow, fluid motions. He paused at his lover’s hips and pulled Gage toward him, wanting desperately to feel that fine ass pressed against his aching shaft.
Gage gave up control, letting Tanner do what he wanted. What he wanted was to make Gage crazy. Wanting to build tension and excitement, he slid his hands around to his lover’s lower belly, forming a circle with his fingers, purposely not touching his erection. Gage wiggled his hips back, and Tanner’s cock slid up the crack of his ass. A strangled cry escaped his partner’s throat, and Tanner licked a sensitive spot behind his ear. “Want something, baby?”
Gage let out a soft groan. “Touch me.”
“My pleasure.” As the water flowed over them, Tanner used his soap-slick palm to torment Gage’s cock with slow friction, moving the foreskin back and forth over the swollen cock head.
“Fuck. Are you trying to make me crazy?” Gage spun around and ground his mouth against Tanner’s in a smoking-hot kiss. Tanner gasped when Gage started massaging his ass cheeks then rimmed his hole with a finger.
“Now who’s the tease?” Tanner murmured against his mouth. In response, the soap-slick finger pushed inside. “Oh hell.” Frustration won out, and Tanner reached down to fist both of their cocks in his big soapy hands.
Gage closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against Tanner’s. “More.”
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mnjcarter said...

Like I said earlier, I truely beleive you're being a tease, for letting us read all this, when we can't have it yet. It's kinda like showing a kid their Christmas present a few times and telling them they can have it in 3 months:)

Gale Stanley said...

lol Ya never know, tentative date is Nov, but Siren might move it up. Check my blog or FB for updates on the release. Thanks for reading!

June M. said...

Oh, my! I think I need a cold shower now. Not releasing till Nov? Not fair!
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

daydrmzzz said...

You are so not nice ..November! Really? *shakes head* not nice..