Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Peek inside Author Lauren Clark's Office

A Peek inside Author Lauren Clark's Office

With Dancing Naked in Dixie being released last week, I've spent (what feels like) the last month inside the four walls of my office. Luckily, I like it here--it's filled with many of my favorite things!

While I prefer to 'write' at the local college library in a study room, everything else--email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.--gets done in this room. We have a 108-year old home in a historic district; every room has wood floors and tall ceilings. The office, just off of our enclosed second-story porch, gets lots of light and I can see the treetops through the glassed-in French doors past the bookcases. The birds are chirping outside the window right now!

My office necessities include photos of my children (aren't they cute?), my Macbook (flanked by my hand-written calendar on the left and never-ending to-do list on the right), and my ten year-old desk and chair from Pier One. I often have a can of La Croix sparkling water nearby, which I've grown to really like since I gave up Diet Dr. Pepper about a year ago.  This in no way implies that I've stopped drinking coffee--that is a daily staple!

Above the desk is a lovely handmade card from my publicist, Laura Pepper Wu, my Pure Barre schedule, new Dancing Naked in Dixie swag, my phone, and Kindle (w/pink case)!

My trusty bookcase on the right hasn't buckled yet under the weight of books from my favorite authors--including Emily Giffin, Sophie Kinsella, Jennifer Weiner, Jodi Picoult, Stieg Larsson, and Alice Hoffman. The bottom shelf is filled with writing and reference books.

My go-to purse is hanging on the chair. It's a backpack designed by flight attendants (Bagallini) and I take it everywhere, along with a notepad to jot down ideas for stories!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention one item I keep in my office at all pink princess crown! My boys bought it for me when we visited Legoland in March. I thought it was so adorable that I picked up a matching one for my neighbor, who is one of my closest friends. When we got home from the trip, Yvonne and I sat out on my front porch (wearing the crowns) while our boys played with their new Lego Ninjago toys in the front yard. It's just a reminder that being silly once in a while is good for the soul!!

If you're setting up your own writing space, in my opinion, it doesn't have to be large, have an oak roll-top desk, or expensive framed prints to decorate the walls. Your "office"-- whether it's a closet, or a corner in the laundry room, or a space you share with your spouse--should reflect what you love and what makes you feel comfortable. Happy Writing!

I'd love to hear about your writing space and what makes it special. Or, if you prefer, ask me about my latest book, Dancing Naked in Dixie.    xx, Lauren

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Catherine Lee said...

As a librarian at a community college, I love that you like to write at your local college library. We have one community person who's been writing a play in our Library for the past year. It's wonderful. I can't wait to read it.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com