Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Body My Soul excerpt

Adult Except My Body My Soul :

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The Past: February 14
I was not going to settle for his excuses anymore. I was sick of his lies, I had loved him yet he constantly used my love to his advantage. I was done getting hurt. Tony Savella was finally history as far as I was concerned. I needed to move on, find a real man.
At thirty seven years of age I was through wasting my time on losers. Tony had been the love of my life, tall dark and handsome, built like an Adonis. I wasted five years of my life on him. The hair that finally broke the camel’s back was finding him fucking my best friend in my living room. I threw him out!
In the beginning it was fabulous, Tony was the best thing I had ever had in bed, sensuous, sexy, generous and accommodating. He knew how to please a woman. He had loved me in those early days of our relationship. We couldn’t wait to get home from work and make love until we knew it was time to eat something. I was a very satisfied woman, sated in all areas of my life. Then Tony got bored.
I felt his disinterest by the third year of being with him. I did not address it; I thought every relationship went through growing pains. I became needy, clingy and suspicious. I caught him with other women all the time, accepted his apologies and always took him back. Those reconciliations were always great, but short lived. Today had been enough humiliation for any woman, I needed peace, I needed to feel worthy, and I needed to kick Tony out on his ass!
“Get out! Tony what the fuck! With Elaine, my best friend, you have done it, I have had it. I don’t want any part of your cheating ass near me,” I yelled at him…
“Come on baby, what’s one little stray fuck, it keeps our relationship alive.” Tony said looking hotter than he should. He was just wearing a pair of sweat pants. He still had an amazing upper body, with an impressive six pack; he never gave up his weekly visits to the gym. He also was one of those guys that were blessed with an above average cock, and it never failed at working overtime. Tony had it all, but I had enough of him. He had no idea how to love, he only knew how to use woman. I needed more than what he could give me. I never wanted to fall in love with him, but I had, head over heels in love.
I stood before him, tears running down my face, a face that had grown noticeably older in the five years we were together. Lori Braken was done with gorgeous self centered assholes. I had had enough! I wasn’t getting any younger and my damn biological clock was running out and was almost depleted. I wanted more.
“Lori, honey, we have been down this road before, and you don’t really want me to leave do you?” he said using every sexy move he had.
“Get out Tony; I am so sick of your bullshit. You really are a bastard; you told me that you were going to meet me at our favorite restaurant. Tony today is Valentine’s Day how could you do this to me.  Oh get out of here, out of my sight and damn it out of my life. And while you leave don’t let the damn door hit you in the ass!” I screamed at him.
“Fine bitch, I was doing you a favor staying with you. Babe you are getting a bit pudgy and damn honey you are starting to show those thirty seven years.” He said knowing he was hitting a nerve.
“Harrrrrrrrrr! Get out!” I screamed at him as I went after him. He grabbed his coat and shoes and went for the door, he ran out as I slammed it behind him.
I heard him cursing then he stopped, he opened the door.
“For what is worth Lori, Happy Valentine’s Day, somewhere in this fucked up head of mine I really do love you.” he said.
I took that up as Tony once again trying to make amends for his cheating ways. I was done with him.” I picked up the vase of roses he must have bought home with him and threw it at him as he slammed the door in an effort to save his getting hit. The vase shattered and the roses scattered all over the floor, how fucked up was that. He fucks my best friend, in my home in front of rose he bought for me. I could only scream! The pain in my heart was unbearable; I never wanted to see him again. I never wanted to love again. I knew it would take me years to get over Tony Savella.
“Good riddance” I muttered to myself sinking down onto my couch into a ball of tears. 


Molly said...

Dang! That's a great excerpt! Makes me really want to read to find out what happens with Lori next :)


Catherine Lee said...

I hope things get better for Lori! She needs to get rid of that jerk Tony.
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Suzzana C Ryan said...

oh boy and does she ever