Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sneak Peek of my latest WIP

I've been sharing with you my latest release today, Protecting His Wolfe.  However, I already have a series that is out and two books strong.  The Wilder Sisters is a series about five daughters who face challenges in their lives as they must come back to the small town that they all left when their father is ill.  The first book in the series appears in the Love, Again anthology.  The story is Forever Love and tells the tale of Syndie Wilder, the oldest of the five girls, who left Amherst, Ohio when her heart was broken but comes back to take care of her father. She reconnects with that boy who broke her heart.  Can they find a second chance at love?

The second book in the Wilder Sisters series is called Beach Desires. It tells the story of Stacey Wilder who has hidden her desires out of fear.  Small town, Amherst, wasn't ready for a girl who had feelings for other women so she left town, but now she too has to come back to Amherst and face her fears.  But not before she escapes to the beach for some thinking time and meets a woman who will make her rethink her life's plans.

Finally, I am working on the third book in the Wilder Sisters series. This tells the tale of another sister who is married and expecting her first child.  She and her husband come home for Christmas only to face a devistating problem.  Can their love survive or will it take a miracle?

Here is an excerpt from that work in progress.  It is unedited.

The evening sky was dark with snow clouds as the weather took a turn for the worse. My husband, Mark, was driving our Tracker in the worsening weather as we headed south on Interstate twenty-three towards the Ohio border.

Mark and I had been having the same discussion for weeks.  It was Christmas and we both were looking forward to celebrating the holiday together. Chirstmas always held a special meaning for us. It was our anniversary, our speical time together. 

Last year we celebrated at home with a delicious dinner followed quiet evening of watching old holiday movies.  We both loved the classics like “Miracle on 34th Street” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Now that we were joyously awaiting the birth of our little peanut, our movie choices might have to change.  Not to mention those quiet nights, just the two of us.  However with our impending parenthood, we longed to find ourselves among family rather than celbrating alone this holiday season.

Looking over at Mark, “How are the roads? Do you think we can stop so I can use the bathroom?  Your son is pushing on my bladder.”

Mark looked over at me with a dreamy expression on his face.  His gaze settled on my stomach as it rolled and moved.  “Sure.  I could use some coffee.  How are you feeling?  Little Pea looks active tonight.”

“I’m okay except for the kicks to the bladder.  I swear he is practicing his temper tantrums so that he has them right when he comes out. Oh Ricky, we are so in trouble.” I replied with a silly high pitched whiney “Lucielle Ball-type” voice and smiled.

Mark and I eloped to Hawaii five years ago during our Christmas vacation. We kept our wedding private, only us and  have become closer than most married couples.  We enjoyed the same things, especially our cottage home on the Huron River, old movies and televison shows, and snuggling up with a blanket on those cold Michigan nights. 

While we both loved our families, neither one of us enjoyed traveling which was the basis for the fight. I’d  won the the argument after the announcement of my father’s recent diagnosis.  I’d spent hours on the phone with my sister and the internet gathering information on Altzheimers. 

Fear that my father would never meet or get to know my ‘little peanut’ was a constant in my mind. Mark and I distanced ourselves from our families over the years.  We always were so happy spending time together, that we never even considered what those choices did to others. Having a baby changes things.  And remembering my sister’s wedding invitation and my dad’s dignosis, we needed to get back to Ohio.  Christmas seemed like a perfect excuse.


Molly said...

Oh oh oh!!! I've got to read these ones too!!! Loved the excerpt and the covers on the first two books :) Definitely adding them to my wishlist!!!


Melissa Keir said...

Thank you Molly! You can find out more about the books as well as links to buy on my website. :)

Molly said...

Thanks! Just went there and looked around.....glad to see you're a member of The Romance Reviews...I review for them too :)

Melissa Keir said...

I love to advertise there! I am a reviewer at Sizzling Hot Books as well as an editor and administrative assistant at Inkspell Publishing. :) Gotta keep busy!

Molly said...

I occasionally review for Sizzling PR and run my own review blog + reviewing for Romancing The Book and Naughty Readers Haven :) Can't get enough of books so I'm all over the place :)

Catherine Lee said...

It's nice to see f/f books. It seems like there is a LOT of m/m and I've not tried any of those yet. I think it would be easier for me to start with a f/f.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com