Sunday, June 3, 2012

200th Anniversary of Pride and Prejudice

What better way to celebrate Jane Austen and her novels than by taking the era she lived in and wrote about...and destroying it!

Which is exactly what I did in Dark Inheritance: Fallen Empire. I took the beautiful ballrooms, the gorgeous gowns, the etiquette and mannerisms of the day and turned them into ash.

It's 1804 England and the countryside is eerily quiet. Rather than the sights and scents of country life, there is only emptiness and fire. In London, the city that once teemed with people, noise, traffic, and hawkers, now teems with desperation, rats, and danger.

There is no order, only remnants of what was. Fortunate or not, those who have survived fight for their very existence. But there are those who fight for more.

Where does Fallen Empire world happen?

On the eastern coast of England sits the small coastal town of Harwich, named after its baron. When plague swept ashore, the Baron of Harwich did not hide from the death and danger as so much of England did. He suffered his losses and chose to fortify his estate and village to protect those he could.

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Tin said...

I'm excited by the idea of a dystopian regency romance!

Looking forward to reading this one!

Catherine Lee said...

This book is on my TBR pile. I've been loving the Goddess Fish author tour.