Saturday, June 16, 2012

JL Oiler here again hop everyone is enjoying our little Rebel Party with Goddess Fish!! Though I would give you all another bit of info from my backlist!

One Night Rodeo
Author: JL Oiler
Katherine Wright is on a mission. After her family’s name is smeared in the rodeo world by false accusations of drugging, Katherine struggled to keep the family ranch, the Flying W, afloat. Now with a bull who promises to be the next champion, she's heading back to the world of cowboys and bucking bulls. But nothing could prepare her for the untrusting looks from the pair of hot, twin riders she encounters. Offered an exchange of one ride for another, Katherine finds she's risking more than her family name.  She’s risking her heart.
After Koby McGuire is stomped and gouged by a bull, he and his twin brother, Keith claw their way back into the top of the rodeo circuit. Catching wind that the Flying W ranch is attempting a comeback, Koby sees a chance at a bit of payback to the family he blames for his injuries. The last thing he expects was Katherine Wright.
Keith has always shared everything with his brother from the rodeo to women. So when Koby ask him extract a bit of payback, Keith half-heartedly agrees. Unfortunately, the other half of his heart belongs to the object of his twins’ vengeance.
 With their worlds permanently connected by the twin boys Katherine's carrying, the three must find a way to overcome the attitudes and anger that keeps them at odds. However, a rival bull breeder would rather see Katherine fall beneath the hooves of the bull he knows is prime breeding stock than fall for the charms of the twin riders. Will all hope for the three lovers be crushed in the arena or is this one rodeo they're destined to win?

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Molly said...

This sounds fabulous!!!!


jeanne said...

Thanks Molly! Hope your enjoying the Hop!

Molly said...

I most definitely am! It's my "birthday party" in my eyes :) Getting to gab with authors at the party while chilling and relaxing in my PJ's with my fam=BEST BD EVER :)

Eden Glenn said...

I love rodeo stories. I'll have to pick this one up!