Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Excerpt from Protecting His Wolfe

If you thought Jonah was a sweetheart, wait till you meet his brothers.  Here is a little excerpt from the book where Betsie meets Jonah's brothers. The excerpt is unedited.

On the drive to Jonah’s house, he tried to regale her with stories of his brothers’ antics from their youth. Marcus was the joker in the family and loved nothing more than to tease his brothers. He was always setting up practical jokes for them to fall into. Luke was the serious one who shared a passion for justice just like Jonah.

Hearing about his brothers, Betsie learned more about Jonah too, like how he felt that he had to take care of his brothers since the death of their parents in a car accident when Jonah was only twenty one. And that it’s because of this tragedy that all three boys entered the police academy to make a difference in the world. By the time they’d arrived at his house, Betsie felt that she knew both brothers personalities and could tell that Jonah loved and respected them both.

As the car slowed in front of Jonah’s house, Betsie took in the details of the two story home with a beautiful front porch. The house looked inviting with ferns hanging from the porch. Parking in the driveway, Jonah helped Betsie out of the car. “I’ll come back to get your things in a moment, I want to introduce you to my brothers and show you around.” he said, nervously.

The front door of the house was ornate with stained glass in an art deco style. The entryway was wide and accommodating with a small table where keys and gloves littered the table top. Sitting in the living room were two men who bore a strong resemblance to Jonah. They stood as she entered the room, giving her a smile. Both men had dark hair like Jonah’s but while one wore his hair short in a buzz cut, the other had longer hair that trailed down his back which he pulled back in a ponytail. Each man had Jonah’s blue eyes, yet one of the brothers had more laugh lines around his eyes and mouth. That must be Marcus, she thought.  He looks like he doesn’t want to take life too seriously. The other man looked like he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. But his large shoulders looked like they could handle that. It’s obvious that he worked out a lot. His body was built like a brick wall.

“Betsie, these are my brothers, Marcus and Luke.”

“Pleased to meet both of you. Jonah’s told me a little about you. Thank you for your help. I don’t want to be an inconvenience.”

“I’m Marcus. Jonah didn’t tell us that you were so beautiful. Now I can see why he’s so protective of you.”

“And that makes me Luke. Don’t worry Betsie, we’ll protect you. No one will harm you with the Pigg brothers protecting you.”

“Now that you have finished introducing yourselves and not scaring her away with your teasing, Marcus. Why don’t you go gather her boxes of things from the car? Make yourselves useful while I show Betsie around.” Marcus shoved Luke in front of him and out the door.


Molly said...

Ohhh! I want to read all about Marcus and Luke now!!! Wow! THREE sexy men! Can't wait to get my hands on all of them :)

Melissa Keir said...

Molly, which one would you like more? Jonah the guy who puts his family first and takes care of everyone around him? or Marcus who doesn't take life too seriously, yet still has a heart of gold and will protect those he cares about? or Lucas who is the strong silent type that hides his feelings so he doesn't get hurt?

Molly said...

Hmmmm....I'd have to say that I would like Lucas more. Lucas would be the type of guy I would want to prove that I would go to the ends of the earth to protect, and to prove he wouldn't get hurt by me. The strong silent type are all the best lovers, too ;) hehehe ;)

Melissa Keir said...

There is something to be said about each of them. But Lucas seems to be hiding something. He appears to be hurt from something. Hmmm...

Molly said...

Wonder what it I'm curious!!!!! :D