Saturday, June 16, 2012

Remembrance: Father's Day

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September 8, 2001

Morning brought no news of my father’s condition. I watched my mother fidget with her cup of coffee she was a nervous wreck.
“Do you think it’s too early to call dad,” she asked me.
I took in her face. Today she looked drawn and a bit older than normal.
“Mom, it’s seven thirty, we can try, but I’m not sure if he’s awake yet.”
“Hope, I have to hear his voice,” she said.
I forgot  the man lying in the hospital bed was the man she loved and adored. Funny how one night with Vinnie, one incredible night, had changed my way of thinking, I now understood her fear. No, it was more than that it’s how a woman in love reacted when her man faced possible death, my father was truly the love of her life.
“Let’s call him,” I said and took the phone and the papers from the hospital with his room number. We made sure he had his phone and TV connected before we left him. It rang several times  then I hear dad’s voice.
“Yeah,” was all he said.
“Hey, daddy,” I replied.
“Hope, is your mother there?” I sighed, “Of course she’s here, hold on,” I said and handed the phone to my mother.
“Tommy, how did you sleep?” she asked, then quickly replied, “I know, I missed you too.”
My heart ached for my mother. If anything happened to him, I knew she’d be devastated. She handed me the phone, it seemed dad wanted to talk to me.
“Hi daddy, what’s up?” I asked giving him my best-unconcerned voice and attitude I could.
“How’s mom, Hope how’s she holding up really?” he asked.
“Good, fine, and you?” He caught my drift and snorted in the phone, “And you?” He didn’t give me time to answer, “Hear Vinnie  stayed with you and mom last night. So you love him?”
“Dad, oh there’s no use in arguing with you, yes father. I’m in love with him. You knew that would happen didn’t you. Saboteur,” I said jokingly to him. 
“Baby he’s a good man. Did he tell you about his first marriage?” he asked me.
“No, we haven’t really talked.” I told him.
“He has two little boys, damn fine little guys and he loves them. I know you’ll be great with them. His ex is actually a great girl. He fucked up, and has been paying for it ever since. When he saw you, and I saw his reaction to you, I let the big lug come around. I figured he put himself through enough hell with his marriage breaking up and all. But that was over three years ago. He’s a fine cop, honest, plays it by the book, not many like him. Just know in his own good time he’ll fill you in. You on the other hand need a man like him, you’re just like mom and like I said, you’re my favorite,” he stopped for a minute and I heard him sigh, “Hope,  honey, I’d never ask this of you if I didn’t know you, but if anything happens to me, you can’t leave her alone,” he stopped.
“Dad, don’t go there, but you do know me, let’s just leave it  alone for now, okay,” I told him holding back an eruption of emotion and I was sure would be a waterfall of tears.
“Let me talk to her and see you guys later,” he said and I handed mom the phone.
I got up and left her alone to talk to him. I walked from her beautifully decorated kitchen into the hallway, and met a freshly showered Vinnie Palmeri. He was dressed in full uniform and looked so damn handsome I had to sigh. He stopped before me and bent his head down to peck a kiss on my lips. It felt so natural, so right, as did everything about him. 
“You got the new undershirt I left you?”
“And the new boxers?”
“Yep, but the boxers are bit big but they’ll due,” he said.
“Really, with what you’re packing that’s a wonder,” I said sexily with an edge of sarcasm.
“I meant in the waist,” he grabbed me to him, damn he smelled good.
I giggled as he held me nuzzling his face to my neck, his damp hair felt cool and clean on my skin.
“So I’m glad you like what I’m packing, because Hope, your tight little pussy needs to get a work out often sweet heart,” he said in my ear.
“You’re a bad man,” I whispered.


Molly said...

Holy crap! What a great teaser!!! I so want to read this now!! Thanks for sharing :)


Suzzana C Ryan said...

This story is dear to my heart...its written with my father-in-law in mind he was a city cop...and now so is my son...the emotion and romance here is real, its hot and fits the rest of what happens as we lead up to 9/11/2001...I leave it there.


Molly said...

It's definitely a great story line. I can't wait to read it!!!