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Victims of Circumstances By Lori Gordon

My first attempt at writing Romantic Fiction was a 105,000 word Star Wars Fan Fiction piece. I grew up addicted to Star Wars, and have a collection of 120 books. And yes I have read them all—some more than once. You don’t even want to know how many times I watched the movies. (HA) What can I say I was young.
Anyway my best Friends son, who was studying editing, told me I really needed to write a story using my own Characters, and The Lost Night Trilogy was born.
After years of trying to find an agent or editor to read past my query—with no luck—
I put the project aside and attempted a Romantic Suspense. Of course all my friends, relatives and neighbors loved Victims of Circumstance, but alas the agents did not.
When I found out my husband’s cousin was good friends with a famous Romance Author (So good that she was mentioned in an acknowledgment) I was sure I would make it now! I read every book I could get my hands on, and then asked Kim if she could get her friend to help me. (Can I use the young excuse again?)
Actually, she was kind enough to strongly suggest that I join the RWA and attend the upcoming San Francisco Conference.
I did.
I was feeling pretty good when I snagged an appointment with a Harlequin Editor. I was devastated when she replied that my book was too dark and somewhat offensive for her. (Ugghh )
Back to the drawing board. I polished and revised, received another rejection, then revised and polished again. After one more painful rejection in which the Editor suggested I add something in, which I’d just taken out—on the suggestion of someone else—I knew I had set it aside and start something new.
I joined the SVRWA Chapter of the RWA and was amazed by the support and friendship I found there. They inspired me to complete my second Suspense.
But I just couldn’t let my first one go.
So I started searching again—there just had to be a home for my baby.
I found Rebel Ink Press mentioned in the RWR magazine and went to their website to get the submission guidelines. When I hit the send button on my submission to Rebel Ink Press I thought, it can’t hurt—much—to try.
It was six a.m. when I opened the e-mail offering me a contract. I’m not ashamed to say I danced around my living room before e-mailing everyone in my contact list. “I finally did it!”
In March 2012 Rebel Ink Press released Victim of Circumstances in e-book.
Someone once told me, ‘There are no rules in writing. You can do anything as long as you do it well.’
Thanks Rebel Ink Press for proving them write! (I couldn’t resist. Ha, ha…)

On the private side, I married my husband 21 years ago last July. We are the parents of a six month old Jack Russell puppy, and an eight year old orange cat. We live in Northern California (Bay Area) where I work as a Retail Supervisor.
Obviously, my hobbies are reading and writing. I read three to four books per week and my favorite author is Nora Roberts / JD Robb. I own, and have read every book in the In Death Series.
I also enjoy the paranormal Genre and just finished my first attempt at a Paranormal Romance (Sorry no Vampires. I am a Twilight fan, but it’s just not in me to write about Vampires.)

I hope you will enjoy Victim of Circumstances.
Kari Stewart has resigned herself to the fact she’ll never find a man who can see beyond her troubled past. But that was before a crank call, followed by a threatening note has her seeking help from the New York Police Department.
Sparks fly when Kari meets Detective Brandon Matthews.
A survivor of a messy divorce, Brandon Matthews promised himself he’d never fall in love again. In order to keep that promise he must ignore the instant attraction that has him vowing to find the person threatening Kari Stewart.
When the couple narrowly escapes death at the hands of Kari’s stalker, they learn just how precious life—and love—really is.

Waving his gun in her face, Mike ordered her to stand up and remove her clothes. He removed his boxer shorts and the sight of him buck naked, with a gun, made her laugh. Fear, mixed with adrenaline kept her laughing.
“Go ahead. Laugh while you still can.” Mike inched closer and stood directly over her. “I promise I’m going to hear you scream before you die.”
“You’re pathetic. If you think I’m going to let you rape me, you can think again…”
Mike moved the gun a few inches to the right and shot a warning hole in the blanket beside her. “I promise the next one will hit you. You won’t die, but you’ll wish you did.” He moved in closer and yanked her head back by her hair. “I am going to have you, with or without a bullet wound. Your choice. Now,” he shouted. “Take off your clothes.”
Saying one last prayer, Kari used the distraction of removing her shirt to get the gun out from under Brandon. With it hidden up her sleeve, she paused. The asshole actually had an erection. “You’re wrong Mike. Her eyes locked on his seconds before she pulled the trigger.



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