Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eden Glenn Saying Thank you for a Wonderful Party

Thank you Goddess Fish for a wonderful fun day. I've enjoyed visiting with old friends, making new friends. It's been fun.

What is ahead and after the next for Eden Glenn you ask?  I'm working on edits for a full length novel that I've called "Dragon's Mark" as a working title.  I haven't found just the right title yet.  There is always a method to my madness. LOL.  There are other shorts knocking at my mind.

This has inspired some thought.  A beautiful art piece.
And this perhaps another story.

Kiernan and Isobeau will be in the novel, working title "Dragon's Soul" it is a Work in Progress

Oh and this picture. Doesn't she speak to you?

I hope I will always have a story to tell that is interesting, makes you laugh, think or feel that warm tingly feeling.  LOL.  


Molly said...

So excited for your works!!! Loving your inspiration pics :) All the purply and wolfy ones :)

Thanks for a rockin' great party!


Suzzana C Ryan said...

Eden love those pictures