Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome to the Rebel Party!!

Hello All you hop goers! JL Oiler here to welcome you! thought I would startout by giving you a bit of infor on one of my favorite releases!
Lustful Reflections: A Witch Among Werewolves
Author: JL Oiler
Publisher: Rebel Ink Press
Cover: Carl Franklin
Haylie Fairbanks is the youngest child in a legendary witching family. Of course being at the top of the magic food chain doesn't come without consequences. Wizards like Adrian Caproete will always be plotting your downfall. Now Caproete has enlisted help from the plane lying on the other side of the mirror and he’ll do whatever it takes to bring down the Fairbanks, including kidnapping Haylie and ransoming her for an amulet said to be able to drain a witch’s power.
 Enyalios, Gar, and Anut are werewolf warriors of Eridu, a world parallel to our own and reached by stepping through the reflective surface of an enchanted mirror. The mission that brings them to our plane seemed simple enough when the wizard proposed it, but one look at their quarry and a chase through the open air market in Morocco proves this is far from the easy snatch and grab they expected.
After realizing they can't turn the beauty over to Caproete for any fee, the men decide to instead offer the Fairbanks elder an unexpected option. They will allow Haylie to remain in their keep until the danger passes. Of course none of the three expect the girl’s father to make a counter offer, one that could certainly be a pleasure to fulfill.
Caught in a plot that could cost her family everything, Haylie must decide if she can submit to what's best for her family and give herself over to the care of the Werewolves, the very men who sought to kidnap and trade her to her enemy. Men who offer more than a home and family, but the hopes of a love unmatched by anything Haylie has ever known.    
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Molly said...

Great day to start a party! My birthday + Rebel Ink Party=fantastic Saturday fun!

Can't wait to join in on the fun through out the day :)

Molly (at)reviewsbymolly (dot)com

Elie said...

Love this cover, the blue really draws attention!


jeanne said...

I agree those eyes just grab you!!

Molly said...

Eyes always capture me on book covers :)

Shadow said...

Hi! Great to 'see' you! Your story sounds great and im loving that cover! His eyes really draw ya in! ;) Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!