Saturday, June 16, 2012

Maxwell's Desire...Now serving anthology and now available

When writing about those men and women who serve our country I always think of big brawny  men, those who serve covertly.  There is something so sexy and dangerous about this kind of man. Yet inside of him there is always the "hero" it's what makes him tick. Here's a little piece of the pie:

Maxwell's Desire ADULT EXCERPT (warning oral sex....rather spicy and hot.....)

Max just looked at her, she agreed so quickly. And it unnerved him she was so unemotional. Her lack of emotion confirmed she'd been through hell living with Arthur Thompson. It wasn’t any of his concern; really. He'd get his fill of Jenny then part ways with her, a bit richer than before.
“I work for your husband. I'm head of security. My name is Maxwell Brogan. I guess you can say I worked for the scum bag. After this, I don’t think I’ll be working for anyone. You have a lot of explaining to do. Do you have any clothes with you? We need to move to a destination no one knows about. Not even Thompson will be able to find us. The clowns you hired are going to be with the state police and the FBI. It seems your husband wanted me to “take care of them.” as he put it and while I’m a lot of things, I’m not a killer,” he told her.
“Well at least it sounds like I’ll be in safe hands,” she said to Max. “One thing before we leave…”
Max didn’t give her any time to speak before he grabbed her into his arms. His lips came down on hers, his mouth open, demanding immediate entrance to hers. She offered Max no resistance at all as she opened her lips and let his tongue slide inside. His kiss was hard, carnal, its meaning obvious. Her lips were soft, amazingly so, Max thought as she molded her body to his and her slender arms came up around his neck. Without any guidance from him, he felt her deepened the kiss, her tongue rubbing against his. She let her hands feel his broad shoulders and let them come down around his broad chest. She let one hand slip between them to the belt of his army fatigues and then she slipped it beneath the low waistband. Her slender hand found his cock and she wound her fingers around his girth.  Max liked the way her hands felt on him. She wasn’t shy and she knew what she was doing. Her lips left his and she moved her mouth to his ear, taking his ear lobe between her teeth.
“Do you want to seal this now? Let me show you I mean business. Your cock seems to be in need of attention,” she said as she slipped down to her knees and opened the front of his fatigues, freeing his large, hard cock. She wasted no time as her mouth encompassed him, sucking him deep into her throat. Her warm mouth felt amazing on his hard cock and there was no way he was stopping her. Max would let her make her point. He'd make his when he got her into bed with him. He let her suck him, lick him and nibble at him with her teeth until he felt his orgasm nearing. In his forty-seven years, he'd lost count of the times he'd had his cock sucked, yet this woman was undoing his reserve. She had her hands around his hips and on his hard ass, pushing his cock deep inside her mouth. Damn if her mouth didn't feel amazing. His knees were weakening the woman was so good. She pumped him with her hands, using her tongue around the bulbous head of his cock to suck him deep into her mouth.
Then she removed him from her mouth and looked up at him, “I take it you’re healthy, Max?”
“As healthy as a fucking bull. It’s what pulled me through my injuries.”
“Good,” she said as she slipped his hard cock back into her mouth, sucking him as far back into her throat as she could as she made him come in record time. She sucked him dry, her hands slapping his hard ass as she rose before him. Damn if Max didn’t want more of the very enticing Jenny Thompson.
“I take it it’s a deal, Maxwell,” she said, wiping her mouth on his shirt.
“Since you put it that way, ma'am, it’s a deal,” Max said, tucking his spent cock back into his fatigues.
His large hulk stood before the rather petite brunette, her blue eyes staring up into his, when he felt the pang in his chest. He couldn't take his eyes from hers. She'd taken him by surprise, going down on him the way she did. He’d been curious and he did nothing to stop her. Damn if she wasn‘t good at giving head, but it annoyed Max to think that her sick bastard of a husband was responsible for her expertise. Damn, it had been a long while since he'd this kind of attraction to a woman. Yet there was part of him that wanted to protect her, make sure no one ever hurt her again. Max had to push thoughts like that aside. A woman like Jenny needed a different kind of man. A man who could stand by her and love her and only her. Max wasn’t that kind of a man. 
With Jenny wrapped warmly in a blanket, they left the barn on the outskirts of Philadelphia and headed deeper into the state. He left instructions for his men that he had Jenny and she was fine. Except now the offer had doubled.

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Holy excerpts, Batman! That was a smokin' one!! Wow! I want more of that story :D Thanks for sharing a scorcher of a teaser :)