Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eden Glenn Erotic Romance Author, Accidently?

Hello all you Goddess Fish Fans.

I am an erotic romance author and I come by that avocation, accidently. I started writing when I was sick with cancer in 2005. Yea! I am a survivor. My first epic is a science fiction romance and virtually unreadable, unprintable and incoherent. LOL But that first fledgling product helped me believe in happy endings... in a time that was scarce and empty of promise. It also in a round about way brought me to Romance Writers of America and an association with a group of wonderful men and women writing genre' fiction. Those friend encouraged me to continue writing and never give up.

At my very first romance writers chapter meeting in Florida I was asked "What do you write?" I thought the obvious answer was romance??? However, that was the beginning of a long journey understanding all the divisions and subgenre divisions and genre blending divisions.  It is enough to make your head spin.

I always thought I wrote paranormal romance.  Funny thing. My two published works with Rebel Ink Press are anything but paranormal.  "The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp" is actually an erotic m/m historic romance and "Raynia's Magic" is an erotic contemporary menage romance. LOL Okay, a common thread is the erotic part. My stories have a common theme of being about relationships that aren't your typical fair and dip into exploring the erotic natures of my characters.

People often ask about my creative process and where I gain inspiration. I think that is a polite way of asking where in the world I come up with some of these bizarre stories. Doubt me? Some evening, chatting over wine ask me about the story lurking around in my head about the hero with two penises.  He is alien of course.

Shhh, the secret is? I never know what will inspire me. I'll tell you what helped the two short Novellette stories Rebel Ink Press has published in a little bit.

For now, I make my home in the mountains of Tennessee. I love it here. I miss my Florida Friends terrible. I'm working on making friends here. I am happily exploring the area and riding my motorcycle. I am excited about the possibilities of possiblities.


Molly said...

First, let me say congrats on being a survivor! I love hearing survivor's stories! It's always an inspiring thing to listen to/read about.

Second, accidentally? That's cool. Do you enjoy writing about erotic scenes or do you just go with the flow and they happen or they don't???

Molly(at) reviewsbymolly (dot)com

Eden Glenn said...

Thanks for the well wishes. It was touch and go there for a time. I spent about a year in treatments.

Accidently? Yes I thought I wrote paranormal romance. Yet, I kept having these uber sexy scenes and circumstances. I might not have accepted that I write erotic romance in the beginning.

I started just writing for me and the whole thing grew. LOL. So yeah, I guess accidently. HA!

Molly said...

Nothing wrong with that at all!!!! For us reader fans, we thank you for accidentally writing them and giving us something to look forward too! :)