Saturday, June 16, 2012

Realmantica? What?~~Lila Munro

One of the most frequently asked questions of me in interviews is what is this “realmantica” you speak of? I mentioned it earlier today, but thought I'd explain a bit further. To be quite honest, I made the word up and it’s my own unique blend of romance and realism with an erotica twist in most cases. Seem complicated? Not really…
I wrote a piece early this morning about how I have the complete support of my husband, family, and friends in this little writing venture of mine and I can remember quite clearly when I decided to start writing again that I wanted to do it differently. You see, I loathe having to fit inside some pre-conceived slot and adhere to a “formula.” And to be honest, I grew tired of reading things that fit those pigeon holes long ago. It sent me on a journey of not only figuring out my style but looking for something that would stir me when I read it as well.
Now, yes, I realize that books are supposed to be fantasies and we are supposed to be carried away on a wave of surrealism and feel good while we’re floating along. Romance is not supposed to hurt. Just like love isn’t? But it does sometimes doesn’t it? In fact, sometimes it hurts so much you think you might die from it and sometimes wish you would.
So, I figured, yeah, it’s supposed to be fantasy, but who wants a fantasy that they could never have a snow ball’s chance in hell of ever living themselves? Gasp! Yes. J That’s where the real part came in. I wanted every day, common, normal people to believe in something. That yes, life sucks, but we can overcome it. Our heroine did. Right?
I live in a military community where I’ve learned that life is too short not to dream and reach out and grab the brass ring. So, that’s what my heroes and heroines do. They are real people, with real problems to face, that come up with real solutions and they grab that ring and hang on for dear life against all odds.  I’ve written war widows, POW’s, about PTSD, drug addicts, and people that have been abused. And they found true love. They picked themselves up and dusted themselves off and moved on. And they had some pretty awesome sex in the process. They give us inspiration and hope. And they feel all the emotions, not just happiness. Sometimes their love hurts. Hurts so much they wish they could die, but they don’t. They push on and show us how to win.
And that is what realmantica is...


Molly said...

Being divorced and never wanting to marry again (I know, I know, but I had a BAD experience!), I rely on my romance novels. All the stories you ladies write keep me hooked up with all the perfect guys. I love watching some of my OWN fantasies played among the heroes and heroines of ya'll's realmantica stories :)

Thanks for sharing :)


Catherine Lee said...

It sounds like it can get pretty "real." Sometimes I like more escapism and less reality in my romance!
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