Saturday, June 16, 2012

Adult Excerpt from Assumed Master, Lila Munro

Julie swallowed a hard lump and glanced at Blake. Why was it in all the years she’d known him and seen him naked, she’d never really noticed how nice his body was? His cock hung heavy, already half-engorged, and she figured out quickly this was the first time she’d taken stock of him that way. No wonder Dante was satisfied with him. From a woman’s view, Blake was well-stocked. Not enormous, not puny, just right. And it was a pretty tawny color, not that ruddy color that made you think twice as if maybe something's wrong.
“He’s pretty, isn’t he?” Dante asked, reaching around from behind her and unbuttoning her blouse. “So are you. I couldn’t ask for a more perfectly matched set.” His voice rumbled through her as he pressed her back against his chest, his hand finding its way under her bra to knead her right breast.
Somehow in a matter of seconds, Julie found herself standing naked. Dante, still clothed, stood between her and Blake. Then, as if by intuition, she and Blake started working in tandem, catering to their Master and it became strikingly clear how this would work. All contact would come through Dante and somehow knowing they were working in unison to please the man they shared made it seem like the most natural thing in the world. With her inhibitions quickly dissolving, Julie ran her fingertips under the edge of Dante’s shirt and tugged, pulling it as Blake sent his tongue up his back as inches and inches of hardened, tanned flesh were unveiled. Once his shirt hit the floor, Blake continued his exploration with his tongue, his hands following the same pattern on Dante’s chest while Julie went to work on removing the rest of his clothing.
She dropped to the floor and helped him out of his shoes and socks then reached up and unfastened his slacks, working them past his hips before they puddled at his feet. When he stepped out of them, Julie rose up on her knees, worked his boxers to just past his hips, and freed his throbbing cock. Her heart skipped a beat and she looked up from beneath her lashes.
“May I, Master?” she asked, her fingers itching to touch.
“Yes, love. Touch me,” Dante answered, twisting his upper body to accommodate Blake, touching their lips as he reached between and fisted the man’s cock. “Show slave how good you are.”



Molly said...

Oooookkkkk....breaking out the fan after THAT excerpt! Holy cow!!! :D


Catherine Lee said...

That is a very sexy excerpt!
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