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You Dont Ask We Don't Tell - Out Now M/M PG excerpt

Ready for some more Snark? Well, my latest book is the first in the series, You Don't Ask We Don't Tell. Book one is Basic Training. 

Now, I've taken a little heat for the language as well as the information in the book. I researched some about the armed forces to make it as close to correct about regular policies however, I did bend the rules with some things to make it more fun. Yes it's a drama but it's also supposed to be a comedy. The country hick twang was added to make you laugh even on this very serious topic about  a young man who is looking to shed his "gayness." Hope you'll check it out. I love this book and hope to get book two done soon. 

BLMorticia with her snarky series about a man looking to shed his "gayness" The Army's the place to get right, right? Think again!

Overall Blurb

A gay curious young man whose fell over the fence more than a couple of times is seeking the armed forces to become more of a straight man under the duress of his family. He leaves behind his on and off again lover, Dari Kirk.

At the local recruiter’s office, he meets Corporal Justin Belvidere who can tell he’s hiding something. Running away from something he needs. He knows just what training facility to send him to. The one part of the army that everyone knows to be one of the finest and most upstanding platoons in the armed forces but they have hidden secrets.

Captain Morris Dunst runs Army company 9669. A proud group of men known for their tenacity, wit, and strength. He’s produced some of the best soldiers in his ten year tenure, teaching them how to be real men.

That take it all like men.

Cody is unaware he’s stepped into the platoon that makes the gay man realize his true potential as a well adjusted uncloseted male in the homophobic society. Morrie makes sure of that along with his right hand man and boyfriend, Lieutenant Darios Bright.

Cody will walk out of company 9669 with a new outlook and respect for his newfound manhood. The men in the platoon will see to it.

All information in the book about army life is factual while the company itself is all fiction as well as the characters. Its intent is to be humorous while showing the growing pains of a young man as he learns how to accept his homosexuality and the relationship with his lover without fear.

Right afterwards, there was more waiting before he’d get to be seen by the doctor. The impatience grew in him as he sat with about twenty other potential cadets, watching reruns of Maury Povich and tapping their fingers on their kneecaps.
All of them he didn’t know. He guessed they must’ve been from neighboring counties or Southern Carolina, since his family rarely did any traveling outside of their general area.
In a way, he wished he did. Having a pal or at least someone he would’ve known might’ve made this transition into the armed forces easier to swallow. Although he’d made up his mind a week ago it still scared him shitless about what was to come.
Am I making the right decision?
He sat in the chair, thinking about it very hard. His main questions were what if he didn’t like it? What if the drill sergeant was more of an asshole and he wouldn’t want to complete it. He’d be stuck, right?
Cody wished he knew someone that would answer all these questions for him now, but at the moment, he felt the only person that could was-
He looked up from the floor when he saw the shiny black shoes in front of him.
Slowly, he bent his head upwards as his eyes roamed the legs, the crotch.
Damn. Looks great from this angle.
The flat stomach, the strong chest that supported a crisp shirt and a black necktie. His medals on his right breast and lastly but definitely not least, the clean shaven tanned skin with slim lips, a perfect nose, and piercing blue eyes.
Cody gulped hard as he stared into the pretty face of Sergeant Justin Belvidere. “Hey McCayne.”
The feelings of lust ran over him. He wished he could tug at his bulging crotch since it ached and strained against his jeans. The young recruit moistened his lips. He took a short whiff of the scents coming from Justin. A mix of expensive cologne and coffee. “Hello, um, Sergeant Belvidere?”
He pretended not to remember his name but of course he did. How could he forget this hunk that saw him at the recruiters office just seven days ago?
“Yep, hiya doin’ soldier? You got any questions?”
Oh fuck yes I do. 
Cody gripped his own kneecap and bit his lip. Right this moment, he wanted to jump into the Sergeant’s arms and tell him yes. Not to mention, he wouldn’t mind giving the officer all he could handle.
No he didn’t go that way. This was an all American soldier who only liked women.
For just that second, McCayne wished he knew what his girl looked like.
He stood up. “I do, Sir. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me.” The brunette grasped onto his papers a little tighter.
Justin shifted his weight on one foot. “I really should have given you a call after the initial meeting. Still, you had my card too and could’ve phoned me. I wouldn’t a minded.”
“I- um.” Cody looked away a moment. He felt so nervous standing in front of this man. Belvidere didn’t look all that menacing but the fact Cody wanted to jump his bones didn’t help either.
“I didn’t wanna bother you but since you insist, I’ll take you up on the offer.”
Justin nodded, “Okay then. Why don’t we step into one of the offices over here and we can talk further, hmm?” Justin waived his hand to the left and motioned for Cody to walk ahead of him.
The young recruit did just as he was asked. He could feel the surge of energy in his groin, betraying him, telling him he wanted Justin Belvidere in the worst way.
I only like Dari.
Apparently that wasn’t true. He liked more than just Dari who was now with Greg.
How would he hide his true feelings from this hot man?
McCayne wasn’t sure but he knew he had to. He just couldn’t let on to the recruiter he was gay.
Cody wanted to “get right’ and this wouldn’t be the right way to start the transition process. 

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Molly said...

LOVE this trailer, this book blurb and the excerpt!! Definitely adding it to my wishlist! I love m/m stories and this looks like one that will fit in with my favorites :)


Catherine Lee said...

I can guess that this might not go over too well with members of the military. Is that the feedback that you are getting?
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