Saturday, June 16, 2012


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Lori had had enough of Tony’s cheating. The last straw was finding him burying his big, hard cock in her best friend in the middle of Lori's living room. Tony had broken her heart for the last time and of all things, he'd done it on a day when lovers should be celebrating, Valentine’s Day.
As always, Tony tries to justify his behavior, promising Lori a night of passion. Lori throws him out anyway, unknowing that what awaited Tony that night was a date with hell.  Tony is brutally murdered and Lori is the only suspect.  But then his body disappears from the morgue and a very alive Tony shows up at Lori’s apartment accompanied by a mysterious and very beautiful woman. Tony makes love to Lori, the likes of which she's never experienced with him  before. And he vows his undying love and tells Lori he'll never hurt her again.  Then he explains that he has to leave her.
Can love survive death? Can a dead man keep a promise to return and love a woman for all eternity? Can a woman give her body and soul to a man and wait twenty years for him to return to her? Perhaps…

Suzzana C Ryan
Erotic Romance Author
Rebel Ink Press


Molly said...

This sounds fantastic! Love the cover!

Suzzana C Ryan said...

Thanks Molly...

Molly said...

My pleasure :)