Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tips for Creating Suspense in Fiction Novels

Create Suspense in your Novel 

This article provides some quick and easy steps to help any author when attempting to create suspense in their novel .

Writing suspense can be hard and time consuming. By putting the following steps into practice you will be on your way to creating great literature.

1. A secret
2. The right scenery
3. Some uncertainty
4. The roller coaster
5. Reading Pal
6. Writing spots
7. Patience

What are my qualifications? I am a writer myself. My suspense filled novel C I N has over 50 reviews and they all have a common thread to them: "can't put it down...kept me guessing..."


romancefan said...

Thanks for the tips!

Tina Pritchard said...

Of course!!! ;o) Thanks for your comment!

Stormy said...

I love a story with a good secret that keeps me guessing until the end. I like to try and figure it out but I don't actually want to figure it out until the big reveal.

Tina Pritchard said...

that's exactly how I feel, too, Stormy.