Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gays in the Military, Get Used to it!

Good afternoon!

Times are finally changing in the armed forces here in the good ol’ US of A and it’s about time too. With the abolishment of DADT, finally a gay soldier, male or female can serve openly without fear of getting kicked out. Took ya’ long enough Washington, but hey who’s counting?

Anyway, when you look at the statistics about just how long it took the land of the free and home of the brave to finally get rid of one of the most stupidest laws known to man, you have to think what the fu*k were the powers that be thinking? Now, that’s not to say other countries were that much better.

According to the Wikipedia article on Gays in the Military countries like Albania and Argentina, just lifted their bans over the past two or three years while in Australia, they allowed gays and lesbians to serve openly in 1992. Since 2009 they have the same access to military pensions as opposite sex couples. A part of the article also notes “military officials haven’t seen any negative effects on lifting the ban” and actually saw it as a contribution to “improving productivity and work environments for service members.”  Well, duh, why wouldn’t it. Before I get all Michael Mandrake on you let me add this; wouldn’t you as a gay person feel a little better if your job supported you and didn’t try to kick you out because of your sexual orientation?

Good grief!

I mean, really? That seems like a no brainer to me but what do I know? I’m just a muse. *shrugs*

You can go in there and read the statistics yourself but when I just browsed through the countries, I can see our country is way behind when it came to this issue. Let me jump on my soapbox again. In my opinion, why would my orientation affect the job I’m doing any more than a heterosexual man or woman? They can have the hots for the officer and get in trouble for “fraternizing” just like I can so why threaten me just because I’m a gay or a lesbian? What the fu*k? Whose stupid idea was this anyway? I guess it just makes too much sense, right?

And don’t get me started on any other gay rights issues because then I’ll be here all night. Still, it’s about damn time that Obama and the rest saw the need to get rid of this crazy assed law. Will it stop the discrimination? Most likely not. Will it help the morale? I think it will.

Shar actually has a family member in the military and when she last spoke to him before the ban was lifted he said it’s a non issue to him. “As long as you do your job, I don’t care of your gay or straight.” What a smart young man. Why can’t more be like him?

Hope you enjoyed my little rant. Here is another excerpt from my latest, You Don't Ask We Don't Tell

Cody got the call from Justin that he’d pick him up to bring him to MEPS to make the trip to Fort Jackson in South Carolina. There, he would join Captain Morris Dunst’s platoon company 9669, which unbeknownst to him would be his safe haven.
He said farewell to his parents, giving his mom the biggest hug and kiss. Dad only got a handshake and in actuality, he barely wanted to give him that. Young McCayne was still seething from their last argument and even though the man was happy about his decision he couldn’t really forget the anger.
He jumped in the car with Justin who at the moment was riding in an army vehicle. It looked real sleek but the army insignia on the side gave it away.
“Hey.” Cody strapped himself in and tried not to be so nervous. The moment his blue orbs met the azure blues of Justin Belvidere, he felt the tightness in his crotch and his mouth went dry like the Sahara desert. Cody grabbed onto his own legs and looked through the windshield.
Justin chuckled, “Hiya soldier. You ready to talk?”
“Yeah, but I told ya’ pretty much everything you wanted to know.”
“No you didn’t.” Justin placed his sunglasses on his nose and adjusted his mirror.
Fuck, you are so hot. Shit, focus Cody
“I did,” he giggled nervously. He could feel his palms sweating as well as his brow. “There really isn’t much more to tell.”
Justin turned the car out onto the main road. “Yeah there is and you’re hiding it but-” Justin stopped at the light. “I’m gon get it outta ya’ before we get to Fort Jackson, I promise you that. Oh yeah, and by the way, there’s been a change of plans.”
Change? What change?
“Oh yeah, and uh-” Cody squirmed in the passenger seat since he felt himself getting harder by the minute. “What would that be?”
“Oh, just that we’ll be drivin’ alone down there, soldier,” he laughed. “I told ya’, I’m gon get you to speak with me about whatever is goin’ on in that head of yours. You got me?”
Cody leaned back against the headrest. Just what he fucking needed; to be all alone in the car with the man who made his dick stand at attention.
“Uh huh, I got ya.” The new recruit placed his hand on his forehead. How on earth would he be able to get through this nearly four hour drive without touching him?
No question Cody had the hots for more men than just Dari. This was a deep seated feeling, not curiosities but a desire that couldn’t be extinguished.
There just has to be a way!
Justin glanced over at his passenger. “Hey!” He slapped his arm. “You okay?”
“Um, yeah, I-”
“You don’t get car sick do ya’ soldier? Because if you do, you gotta tell me now so we can go on and ride that bus. I can’t have ya’ pukin’ in the government car.”
“No, no,” Cody straightened in the seat. “It ain’t that.” He wiped the small amounts of perspiration from his skin. “I, okay, Justin, there is somethin’ I have to say but…” He bit his lip. Please just promise me you won’t say anything to anyone. You’re the only person other than my family and a couple of friends that know this. You might be the only one that can help me.”
“Alright.” Justin pushed one of the buttons on his wheel. “Soldier’s honor, my man. Shoot.”
Cody looked down at his own feet and exhaled. He closed his eyes. “Justin, I think I might like men, you know, sexually.”
Justin only nodded and smiled at him. “And? Is that all?”
Cody raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean? That’s like ruinin’ my life, ain’t it? I’m like a fuckin’ leper in my town. No one likes me and my dad calls me a cocksucker.”
“So you gonna let what other people think about you shape you, man?”
“Naw but-”
“Sure sounds like it, soldier. They don’t have anything to do with your life, man. You’re grown. How you live it is your choice.”


Molly said...

See I don't think it should matter if a man is gay or not in the military....if he's healthy enough to fight for our rights and freedom, then he's healthy enough to love who ever he wants, be it man or be it female! This book is sure to be one of my favorites because one I love m/m stories and two, I love the military stories. It's a double bonus for me!


S.Lira said...


I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks so much for the comments!


Molly said...

My pleasure! Loving getting to "meet" you and all the other authors :)