Saturday, June 16, 2012

Excerpt From Assumed Master...Lila Munro

“Are you asking me specifically or asking me to recommend someone or asking me to help you hunt down an indifferent third party? Because I have to tell you, Julie’s a hot commodity. I know that sounds cold and calculated and God knows I’d never think of her that way, especially right now, but the vultures are circling my boy. Whether you own her or not, at present, she’s a loaded widow.”
Dante couldn’t even begin to perceive that he could possibly lose Julie to someone else. Even though he’d contemplated the possibility he wasn’t the one to take on the mammoth task of being her new Master and he thought he might need to help her find the right fit, it had never crossed his radar screen that someone might just in fact swoop down and convince her to leave him.  Ever.
Hell. No.
Now that his resolve was set on keeping her, there was positively no way he would allow that to happen.
“Are you telling me I can’t trust you to do this for me?” he asked with suspicion.
“No. I’m saying if you don’t do this right and she expresses anything that remotely leads me to believe she’s unhappy or wants out, I’ll advocate for her. Are you serious about learning how to be with her? Are you really willing to give a little and actively negotiate with her even if it means compromising what you want?”
“Then I’m at your service. When do we get started?”


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Molly said...

That seals the deal! It's on my WL already and if I don't have it soon, I'll be breaking down and buying it so it sits pretty on my Kindle :D

Thanks for sharing a piece of the story and making me want more :)