Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Love Dipped In Blood

Read A Love Dipped in Blood...Suzzana C Ryan

Coming from Rebel Ink Press:
            Handsome seasoned playboy Alex Bresllin owns the largest publishing house in New York City. Alex also has a very well kept secret; he's over two hundred years old. His boyish good looks and silver hair offset his tall buffed body. Alex Bresllin has it all, money, power, women, but lacks the one thing his cold heart craves, love. But no creature such as he can truly love, or will dare to.
            Tracey Reagan, romance writer and closet empath, has just been offered a contract with Bresllin Publishing. Her meeting with Alex Bresllin is one she’ll never regret. Her undeniable attraction to the handsome publisher will start her on a journey of lust, desire and self-awareness.  Could it end in a boundless love?
            She'll enter a world no human believes exists.  She'll love and be loved like no woman before her. She’ll become a creature that lives between two worlds, all for the love of one man. Tracey Reagan will have a "Love Dipped in Blood" and that love will change her human life forever.


Molly said...

Another fantastic sounding story! What's it like for researching when creating stories like this??/


Suzzana C Ryan said...

The research has to do with the locations, I live IN NY...they always say write about what you know...and I know NY...and we do get to see the old part of Sing Sing Prison...researched, for dates it opened and etc. Now about the vampires...they live in my head...LOL


Molly said...

Hehehe! I hear ya! Wolves live in my head but I don't have the nerve to put them into stories because it would be one rambling mess if I tried :)