Saturday, June 16, 2012

My First Full Length Hetero Coming Soon!

Yes you saw that title right, a hetero story coming from a gal whole loves to write m/m pieces but hey I am a woman and I do love some hot and smexy m/f action. Who doesn't? Well, in this next one, my fun and fearless female Vanessa is a cop who has needs and looks to satisfy them by finding a man on the net.

Have you looked to the world wide web for love? Well Vanessa is and when she finds the potential man of her dreams, can she let go of her inhibitions?

Officer Vanessa Daniels is fast approaching her 35th birthday which also happens to be on Valentine's day. She seeks a specific kind of man to be her lover and likes being the one in the driver's seat.

Jayson Freed is a bartender by day and a writer by night. He's looking to find the right woman to help fulfill some of his inner most fantasies. The two meet on an internet dating site and immediately start talking. Will the connection work? Will Jayson turn out to be just what this hard nose girl needs?

Shuddering at the thought, I opened one of the new messages from the site. Immediately, my eyes bulged looking at the picture on my screen. This man looked too gorgeous for words; his height around six feet as I wanted with brown eyes and gorgeous brown hair. I know how people put old pictures or photos that might not be them in their profiles but for some reason, even through my skepticism it intrigued me. I decided to find out more and peruse his page: single white male, looking for attractive woman with a wide variety of interests including sports, reading, traveling, etc. All things I’d be interested in as well. Just that made me want to talk with him but unfortunately he wasn’t online right now to connect. That didn’t stop me however from messaging “Booklover” to find out more. I sent him a quick note saying how interested I’d be in talking with him when he got a chance.
Lawgirl: Hello, Booklover. I’d really like to talk with you. Maybe next time we’re online you’d like to chat.
When I hit send, I wondered if I sounded too desperate or eager. Funny I’d think that. I believed people who joined these sites weren’t necessarily desperate but eager to find someone new. In my mind, we were searching for someone to cure loneliness. Could Booklover be the one?
Soon as I sent it, I started perusing through some of the other matches the computer felt suitable. None of these were of any interest to me like “Booklovers” profile so I deleted them all and surfed the net instead. Maybe, just maybe, he’d write back while I wasted time on here. I could call Sharon in the meantime but I wasn’t up for long conversation with her right now. Tomorrow maybe after I’d had some sleep.
A few clicks in and I heard the notification bell that I had a new message. When I noticed the response from Booklover, my lips curled into a smile. Anticipation high along with knots in my stomach, I opened the note which read:
Booklover: Hiya Lawgirl. I’d love to talk with you. If you have some time now we can. If not, message me and let me know of a good time for you.  
Now was a good time as ever especially since I really wanted to talk with him. I could barely hold in my excitement, knowing I’d be chatting with someone that peaked my interest.
I responded: How about now? Meet me in the room called Chatters Paradise.
I thought it best to do the initial niceties and saying hi first before we moved to a private room would be best. Thankfully I could spot a creep from a mile away so hopefully Booklover would be someone I really wanted to talk with.
I clicked in and saw his name in the list. While grinning from ear to ear, I typed my hello in response to his and gawked at his picture some more. Lordy, the man possessed such good looks.
Was it really him? Too bad I couldn’t ask him about it.
Booklover: I’m glad that you wanted to talk with me tonight. I just got home from running errands. I see you’re a big fan of music and sports?
Lawgirl: Yep, love the White Sox and Bears. Love all kinds of music though. I recently caught a few metal shows.
Booklover: Cool. I love going to concerts or places to hear live music. Do you attend Sox games a lot? By the way, I’m a Cubs fan. Twenty Five years and counting.
Lawgirl: LOL Its okay, since you’re cute I’ll let you slide with that. Yeah, I go to quite a bit of games. One of the guys at the station is a season ticket holder and I like to buy the tickets he doesn’t want.
Booklover: Ah, cool. Maybe we can catch a Cubs/Sox game at some point, hmm? They both suck ass this year so there won’t be any bragging rights.
Lawgirl: *giggles* Yep, that’s very true. Well, should I chide you now or later at how I can recall my teams championship. LOL
Booklover: *laughs* Very funny.
What a great sport. The more I talked with him about the topics, our neighborhoods, and what else we liked to do I wanted to know everything about him. Within about fifteen minutes I got such a good vibe from him I suggested we could go and chat in the private room. He joked how he never cybered on the first virtual date which made me laugh. Too bad he didn’t. My hunger for sex has caused me to go through a week’s worth of batteries for the vibrator.  
Might be time for a new toy.


Molly said...

LMAO! OMG! I MUST read this book!!! It sounds absolutely AMAZING! Digging the "Booklover" chat name :) I'll be adding this one to my must read list! :)


S.Lira said...


Thanks much!

I'm looking forward to its release as well!