Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meet Me - I'm Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

I've told you about my books from Rebel Ink Press and shared some excerpts.  Now I thought I'd share a little about me.  I could just post my official bio but I won't because you can find it many places.

I'm from the old river city of St. Joseph, Missouri about fifty miles north of Kansas City in the northwest corner of the Show-Me State.  Some of my ancestors settled there as early as 1850 and others came from Europe much later.  I was born there at the old St. Joseph's Hospital nicknamed "Sisters" and grew up in the neighborhood just outside.  In those years a lot of my relatives - my two sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins - lived within blocks of our house.   Here's a look at the local skyline there and a picture of Sisters - then and the lot where it once stood - now.

Now I live in the far southwest corner of the state, in a small town called Neosho.  I like to say I live in what passes for suburbs in a small town, in a subdivision built upon the bones of an old fruit farm.  That fruit farm just happens to figure promiently in one of my Rebel Ink Press titles (In Love's Own Time) as well.
Neosho - Spring Street downtown
Here's home sweet home and a couple of views - my kitchen with my cousin Tom Puett and me in the way, my dining area with a special heirloom table and my office...

Oh and here's my humble home:

And here's a picture of my family with some friends - can you tell who's who?

And here's a couple vintage pics - a blast from the past:

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Molly said...

Thanks for sharing all your pictures and more about you, Lee Ann! Love the snow around your house....I love snow...just not the coldness that comes with it :)Thanks for helping make the party a blast! :)