Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nardi Point ... Colson Mitchell, new love interest?

Here's an excerpt from Nardi Point introducing Colson Mitchell.

Colson Mitchell’s wide-shouldered frame hunched awkwardly over the pile of spreadsheets on the kitchen island in the
Nardi Point model home. His makeshift, black-speckled, granite desk held stacks of model home specifications, county watershed maps, and surveys. With an elbow resting on the countertop, his hand supporting his chin, he stabbed numbers into the calculator, intent on getting the comparison figures and cost projection preparations for his weekly meeting with his boss. Colson took pains with it. At any moment he could be pulled off task, obliged to put on his selling hat to shepherd potential buyers around the subdivision. The onsite sales agent had called in with a family emergency and Saturdays were prime time for homebuyers. He knew he’d have to be the point guy today even though he was the construction supervisor, but he still had to get his reports done.

Colson stretched his arms and moved the stool in closer, rearranging himself once more to the task. He dreaded the spitfire report sessions. Rising to Matt Holt’s expectations, Colson intended to stay there to provide for his three-year-old daughter, Annabel. Sure, construction engineering was his passion, but not within the workflow Matt demanded. Unknown to the boss, he planned financial independence down the road with his own construction company startup. Nothing was going to interfere with that.

Turning to the next spreadsheet, Colson's hand brushed the small, brass-framed photo of Annabel the interior designer had placed there to create a homey feel in the model kitchen. His little girl’s voice rose and fell as she talked to her favorite stuffed puppy and played in the gated-off family room joining the large, vaulted kitchen. Listening for a moment to her small voice sharing who knew what with her toy, he felt protective of such a good child. How’d he deserve this little package of curiosity and kindness? Sometimes she’d fix her clear blue eyes on him with such a thoughtful expression his heart cracked. Then as sure as the sun would set, his thoughts went to her mother, Merril.

Merril hadn't understood a damn thing about what he took on every day. He organized his life into high performance, yet reasonable compartments with certain expectations of what created a life and after Annabel arrived, a family. Three years later, she’d left. Gone. Colson dealt with it. Daycare was expensive and nothing else mattered right now. He had to please the boss. Earn a living. Build wealth for him and his little girl. What options did he have?

The sound of brakes screeching pulled his attention from his reverie. He raised his head to a muffled thud that sounded out on the road. Was that a horn blowing? He bolted from his stool and ran out the door.

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Molly said...

Oh man!!!! I want to read more!! This book sounds absolutely awesome!!! I can't imagine what the brakes squealing and horn blowing means. It makes me nervous.....thanks for sharing and I'm adding this to my ever growing WL!


Molly said...

By the way, just went and looked at the full blurb on the site.....holy cow!! I'm like 15 minutes from North Raleigh!!! WOW!!! Seriously?! This is definitely a MUST get book!!!