Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Romance Novel... and more by S Scott Twigg

           I've written a lot, but only now am I getting published. My first piece of work is Jeremiah Stone which came out in early March. It's an adventure story with angels, demons, and a bit of romance. It's also the first of a series with two more books coming out hopefully by end of year, Limbus and Azazel. There's also a forth book of the series I've written as a prequel and I'm currently writing a book based on another character within the series. Here's an excerpt from Azazel (unedited):

As Jeremiah shook his head trying to regain his senses, he noticed he’d landed sprawled on back beneath the front of the SUV with Isis’ empty face staring down at him, her open eyes vacant of life. As Jeremiah looked upwards, he saw how empty his life had been without her and how full every moment had been with her. He felt ashamed of running away from his life back in college when they were together. He regretted never saying goodbye, never explaining his reasons for leaving, and never accepting the truth about how he truly felt towards her.
Back then he was consumed with himself, consumed in his quest for death, while knowing she was a distraction to his overly complicated life, but he should have told her. Would she have forgiven him his lies? Would she have understood his conflicts? Would they have been able to work through his hatred of life? These were the questions he had refused to pose to himself for decades, but now as his stared up into her empty eyes he asked them of himself.
She would’ve forgiven him. She would’ve understood. And he already knew there would’ve been no hatred in his life. As the answers rolled through his mind, a tear formed in his eye. Oddly enough, it appeared as if a tear formed in Isis’ eyes also. As he blinked them away, a single drop landed on his forehead as gentle as a kiss. He couldn’t tell if it was a tear or just the falling snow, but he believed it was an answer.
“Please forgive me,” Jeremiah whispered to himself, “for never believing in you.”
Then, as he lifted his head up, he saw there were no more maidens or demons between him and Azazel, only blood and bodies. As he rolled onto his side in an effort to get up, his eyes never left the snickering Azazel.
“She can’t help you now,” Azazel said scornfully.
“Do you know the difference between you and I?” Jeremiah asked as he reached his feet, setting his body in preparation for Azazel’s response.
“You are a weak human who is about to die and I’m none of those things,” Azazel answered.
Jeremiah huffed a single laugh. “No,” Jeremiah replied. “The difference is I still have the ability to love.”

Since writing the series based on Jeremiah Stone, I was challenged to write something out of my comfort zone. The choice given to me was something in the romantic genre. Though I was unwilling to accept the challenge, I couldn't get the thought out of my head and came up with a story line. However, when it comes to titles all I had was A Romance Novel. In a way it's fitting since the story is based on a guy writing a romance novel while also trying to discover what love is. In the beginning he believes love is describing the perfect woman every man will melt over. In the end he discovers: 

 There is no perfect woman; which is to say there is not a single woman every man would find desirable. Men, like women, vary in a multitude of different ways, which makes every single one of them desirable to someone, but not everyone. The best any man can do is find the one woman that is infinitely desirable to him.

If you like the premise, I hope you stick around for it to be published, if I ever get the nerve up to actually expose this much of myself to the public. Anyway, come visit the trails and tribulations of my writing at my blog or follow me on my Facebook page. Have an awesome day.


Molly said...

DEFINITELY sticking around for it to published! Wow! Great excerpt. I'll be looking forward to reading the books :)

Thanks for sharing!


Suzzana C Ryan said...

Wow I loved this one myself

such talent