Sunday, June 3, 2012

A PG (unedited) Excerpt from Protecting His Wolfe by Melissa Keir

Protecting His Wolfe is the story of a small town girl who after landing a job in the big city, she finds herself embroilled in danger.  This is the scene where she hears the drug deal.  Little did she know what would happen to her next.

It was a late October evening. Everyone else in the office had gone home, but there wasn’t anyone waiting at home for Betsie, so she decided to get the last of the filing done first, hoping to earn some bonus points from Miss Hildebrand. While sitting at her desk in the secretarial area she overheard a conversation between her boss, Mr. Anderson and another man.

“Do you have the stuff, you know the drugs?”

“Yes I do but they are hidden until you pay me twice the amount we agreed upon.”

“That’s not the way to do business. We agreed on a fee. I did the loading and driving. I had all the risk.”

“But it’s my company and my name on those trucks that’s taking the biggest risk if we get caught, moving your drugs. So the amount is double.”

“I don’t have the money now. You should know, you write my paycheck. You’ll pay for lying to me!”

“Don’t threaten me. You won’t like it when I’m threatened. Find a way to get that money by Tuesday or I’m selling them to another customer.”

Quietly the men left the area and Betsie couldn’t hear them anymore. She wasn’t quite sure if she had heard the whole conversation correctly. Could the men have been talking about something other than drugs? Wasn’t it illegal to ship drugs across the US border? Maybe it wasn’t her boss. After all she didn’t actually see the people talking.

Keeping her mouth quiet in fear, Betsie hid under her desk for two hours and then snuck out the door, hoping that no one had noticed her. Keeping her eyes alert, each sound that she heard made her jump. Even though she never saw anything on the dark walk home, her heart was going off like an alarm clock. Locking each of her three locks on the door, made Betsie feel a tiny bit safer, but it wasn’t until she climbed into bed and pushed the largest knife from the kitchen under her mattress that she fell into a deep sleep.


Catherine Lee said...

A big kitchen knife under her pillow? OUCH...I'd end up slicing myself for sure.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Melissa Keir said...

I've done it before. It isn't a good night's sleep.