Saturday, June 16, 2012

Protecting His Wolfe (pg excerpt and cover)

Protecting His Wolfe

This scene takes place after Betsie witnesses the murder.  She isn't able to drive let alone walk home so Jonah offers to drive her. This excerpt is unedited.

The slam of the car door woke Betsie, who was a little disoriented. Seeing Detective Jonah Pigg coming around the side of the car to open the door for her, Betsie smiled. “You’re such a gentleman. Most of the guys I date don’t even open the door. How did you know where I live?” she asked curiously.

Extending his arm, Jonah said, “Here you go, Betsie. The guys that you date are losers if they don’t show some common manners. Let me help you to the door. I just looked up your address on your wallet in your purse, which I have right here along with your apartment keys, I assume.”

Putting some weight tentatively on her left leg, Betsie grabbed hold of Jonah’s arm and climbed out of the tan sedan. When she stood up, she noticed that the top of her head only came to his chin. He really was tall, dark and dangerous. They walked awkwardly toward her apartment, with Jonah holding her tightly around the waist to keep her from falling.

Taking hold of her purse, Betsie grabbed her keys and opened her apartment door. “Thank you again for everything.  Would you like to come in for some coffee or lemonade? My grandma taught me to use my manners.  That is unless you are afraid that I will bite. But I am a Wolfe after all. ” She smiled up at him with mirth in her eyes, transforming her face from beautiful to extraordinary.

“Oh I’m not afraid of your little bite, but I do want to take a look at that leg. You couldn’t put much weight on it a minute ago. I wouldn’t want to have a Wolfe out there with a broken leg. The vet will want to put you down.”

The shared laughter felt good with each of them enjoying the word games they played.  As Betsie sat on the couch, Jonah knelt on the floor and lifted the hem of her dress. Gently touching her left knee, elicited a cry of pain from her but he was able to bend and move the leg without much discomfort.

“Looks lucky for you that it’s only a bad sprain.  You’ll live. Put some ice on this, take it easy and you’ll be fine. I‘d better get back to the crime scene before they miss me. I put my cell number on the back of that card I gave you. Feel free to give me a call if the vet comes sniffing around you.”

With that, Jonah closed the door and headed back to his car. To Betsie it seemed as if all the sunshine drained out of the world.


Molly said...

Grrr!! I want more now!! LoL! Great teaser :) Thanks for sharing :)


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Thanks again Molly! The book is released tomorrow! :)

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