Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sneak Peek at ML2! PG Excerpt

Alrighty then! Hope you enjoyed the except from My Lieutenant. How about a little sneak peek into part two? Of course it's unedited and I need to get it in soon.

This time, the Lieutenant is fully in charge and looking to settle down with Nathan completely.

Nathan Ellerby and Lt. Bryant Duncan are at it again. This time, the story shifts from Nathan to Bryant who’s looking to solidify his relationship with his favorite artist. The Lieutenant wants to take Nathan everywhere. To visit his naval friends, his parents who still aren’t happy about his decision to come out, as well as his best friends Mike’s bachelor party. Bryant refuses to hide his man from the masses and despite his man’s insistence on the unimportance of the matter, Bryant pushes on.

Bryant also wants to continue to press about the move to New Orleans where a beautiful garden home awaits this loving couple. This is the love story, told from Bryant’s POV. Less snarky but still humorous in a BL kind of way. She’ll have to channel Michael Mandrake a little to stay in character but of course, she’ll add her touch.

Another light hearted interracial romance with a little mischief, fun, and hot sex!

Life is really like a box of chocolates! – My favorite quote from the Forrest Gump movie other than the one about running!
Throughout my life, I’d consider myself as a pretty lucky man, or as the new guy in my life would say a lucky son of a bitch. Yeah, he says that without batting an eyelash. He can be so vulgar at times but I love him more than anything.
First off, why am I fortunate? Well, I was able to serve in the US Navy and make it through without killing anyone. The homophobia in the ranks was unbelievable with many officers and fellow soldiers using the faggot term very loosely. For the most part, I kept a low profile but there were plenty of times I wanted to jump out and tell them about themselves but due to my rank and class, First Lieutenant, I had to keep my mouth shut. No one would accept me if I came out and with the threat of DADT looming, I couldn’t risk making that admission.
Besides that, I carried on the appearance of being a happily married man; a lovely trophy wife at home who wrote romances for a living and no kids to worry about. Money in the bank, a gorgeous home in New York State with a two car garage and she owned a place in New Orleans that she used for her backdrops in stories, the so called inspiration. Turns out she liked to bring out the “entertainment” for her stories to life. So while I was away, she slept with random men and even a few women. Due to both of us wanting this faux commitment to be over, we agreed to split everything and so she wouldn’t owe me anything more, she decided to give up her house of pleasure to me in the settlement.
Cool right?
I certainly thought so and that brings me to now. My string of luck still hasn’t run out. I do a good deed and meet the man of my dreams, my lover, my soul mate, my Nathan. Nathan Ellerby, artist, intellectual, and all around smart ass with the foulest mouth. Despite all this, I love him with all my heart. When we’re together, I feel complete. The worries about coming out as a gay man aren’t an issue, knowing I’ve got such a strong and beautiful man on my side.
No more am I tormented by being in the closet and hiding who I really am. I’m comfortable with myself, I love myself, and I love Nathan. Period.
Whoever asks me I make sure I tell them of my lover without hesitation. Why? Because I’m proud, even more so than when I was in the Navy serving my country. I’m a gay man who’s seen the light at the end of the tunnel and damnit I’m comin’ outta there with my guns a blazin’. No one will make me feel bad about my decision.
I know I’ve made the right choice to step completely over that fence because on the other side, awaited Nathan Ellerby, my lover, forever more.
Till death do us part means something this time and I haven’t had the wedding or put a ring on his finger.
Life is damn good!


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The more you share about Nathan and Bryant the more I want to read their stories!!!


Great excerpt!!!


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This one needs to be edited and sent in.

I hope you'll watch for it!

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Most definitely!