Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dixie Darlings: Eufaula & Bluebell, Alabama

Dixie Darlings:

Eufaula and Bluebell, Alabama

Many friends and fellow authors have said that my latest novel, Dancing Naked in Dixie, would also appeal to fans of the TV series Hart of Dixie (on the CW) starring Rachel Bilson. I've watched many episodes and have to agree!

I love Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart--a physician from New York City who ends
up in tiny Bluebell, Alabama--and decides to stay after inheriting a medical practice. Much like Julia Sullivan, Zoe is a bit bewildered and equally charmed by Southern customs and traditions. Both women, with the best of intentions, find themselves constantly 'in trouble' with some of the small town's Southern belles and long-standing citizens.

For fun, I decided to do a little comparison of Hart of Dixie and Dancing Naked in Dixie. See what you think...

What do you think? Would Dr. Zoe Hart and Julia Sullivan be friends? Whose life would you prefer?

Everyone who leaves an email address and a comment below by midnight, Sunday June 3rd, 2012 will receive an ebook copy of Dancing Naked in Dixie (Nook or Mobi)!  

xx, Lauren

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romancefan said...

Dancing Naked in Dixie sounds like a great read! I am so looking forward to it! I haven't been watching Hart of Dixie, but now I really want to! I love Southern romances!!!

Mysti Holiday said...

They absolutely sound alike -- bet they'd be BFFs! LOL! Your book sounds adorable.

Stormy said...

Okay, that was a fun comparison~ I have to say I love the local hangouts for both the show and the book! :D I think these two girls would be the best of friends! Can't wait to read it!


Catherine Lee said...

YES...They would be friends. Since Zoe has had trouble finding any girlfriends in Bluebell, I think she'd love to find another New York experience girl.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Romance Fan & Mysti - Please leave an email if you'd like a copy of Dixie :)