Sunday, June 3, 2012

Interview with Lissa Vincent, my heroine from Second Time's the Charm by Melissa Keir

Obviously Lissa heard that I was talking with Alex today and wanted to get in on the action.  She wanted to sit down right away which meant me coming to her house since she has her two sons this weekend.  I loved watching them play video games- (sarcastic tone).

1.      Lissa, thanks for having me over. I’m sure the readers would love to get to know you so can you tell us three words best describing you? Thank you for having me visit today.  I’m so excited to have a moment to myself!  Three words that describe me… obviously Mom, and if you ask the boys, they would say nag (sometimes it is the only thing that gets them to pick up their rooms), and caring.
2.      I understand you’re divorced.  What can you tell us about your ex-husband, Steve? I thought Steve was my prince charming but when we were dating, we were both young and immature.  As we got older, we grew apart.  That was probably my fault. I spent a lot of time on the boys.  They were my life.  Steve became very angry with me and then began to spend more time out with his friends from work.  He is a wonderful dad but he just wasn’t the man for me.  He made me feel very unattractive and even teased me about my insecurities.

3.      You’re a mother of two boys.  What’s the favorite thing you like to do with your sons for fun? We love to throw the football around the yard when the weather permits.  It is fun spending time with the boys.  Something is always happening.  Last week, we built the giant Star Wars’ Lego Millennium Falcon ship and played with them for hours. 
4.       What attracted you to Alex in the first place? The thing that attracted me about Alex was what a great father he was.  He was there for his son when he was in the hospital and never put his ex-wife down.  Of course, he made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman in the world and the most important person in his life.

5.       Are you afraid of committing to another relationship? I am nervous about another relationship.  I was married for a long time and Steve really messed with my self-esteem.  I also know the statistics, second marriages don’t have a great track record.  We are going to have a lot to work through as we blend a family.  But I love Alex and know that he is the perfect man for me.
6.     What is your favorite guilty pleasure? My favorite guilty pleasure is a bubble bath.  I love to indulge in that girly pleasure, soft lights and music playing softly.  I love to have those few moments to myself to escape from the daily stresses of being a working mom.

7.      Describe what you would consider the ultimate romantic evening. An ultimate romantic evening is a night out with my love.  We would have a delicious dinner at an intimate restaurant, then head out for a play at a local theater, followed by some passion back home.
8.      Do you dictate your story to your author or does she control what happens? I dictated my story.  Poor Melissa just had to go along for the ride.  Now the only thing that I have to complain about is that some things had to be cut, like one of Steve’s tirades.  I really wanted to show what Steve put me through.
9.       Let’s talk about your job.  Tell us what you do for a living and if you love it or hate it? Did you choose it? I’m a receptionist at a local pediatrician’s office.  I love being able to help families, especially when they are stressed about their child’s illness.   I went back to work when things started getting difficult at home.  I wanted to find something that would allow me to feel worthwhile.  Cold and Flu season keeps me busy but I love being around children.
10.   Can you name a song that is “yours”, that describes how you feel about yourself or your love? Or if not a song, a movie!  I love the song “When All is Said and Done” from the Mama Mia soundtrack.  The song makes me think about how Alex and I have faced a life and are together now. We aren’t to blame for the past but are going to look to the future, together.

Thank you for coming over today.  I wanted to get a chance to share my side of the story and hope everyone will check out my story and see just how Alex and I found love.  After all, would you date your best friend’s ex-husband?

Second Time's the Charm:
How does a middle aged, divorcee with two children find her way back to love after a devastating divorce leaves her with no self confidence and no faith in love? Lissa's ex-husband has shredded her self-esteem so she's thrown herself into her children and her work, leaving time for nothing else.

When an life threatening illness in her best friend's family puts Lissa on the path to romance, Lissa finds new love in a most unexpected way--an introduced by her new guy's ex-wife.

Who knew that first time loves could lead to second chances?      


A.Lightbourne said...

Great character interview! Now we know who really wrote the story. ;o}

Melissa Keir said...

Thanks! Lissa may seem like a quiet woman but she has to be able to hold her own as a parent!

Mysti Holiday said...

Great interview ... she sounds like a great lady. And I really love the cover!